July 24, 2024

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Foreigners who worked for their company – Diario La Nación

Foreigners who worked for their company – Diario La Nación


Two men of Venezuelan nationality, responsible for the murder of the couple and businessmen José Edgar Pérez Parada and Gloria María López Paredes from La Palestine, were arrested in Cinacota in Norte de Santander.

The arrest was carried out by the Colombian National Police in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office. Yimmy Alexander Medina Colmenares and Brayan Alexander Ontiveros Cardona were identified as responsible for the crime and booked on March 24, shocking the tourism sector of the border department.

In addition to aggravated murder, Medina Colmanares and Ontiveros Cardona were charged with aggravated and aggravated robbery. Both worked for a dairy company, one for five years and the other two.

During the search operations, they found in the house a wallet containing the documents of the now deceased Pérez Barada, as well as bank cards, wages for employees, invoices for purchases made a few months ago, eight bullets and a shocking weapon. Nine cell phones.

According to the results of the investigation, the main objective of the killers was to steal the safe that was allegedly in the home of the murdered couple, the owners of La Palestine.

To reach those responsible, the police managed to collect more than 50 security camera points, a thousand hours of video recording, frames, field work and interviews with employees, close people and family members of the La Palestine establishment. The killers were handed over to the Cúcuta Division Prosecutor’s Office 22 for life and personal integrity.

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