June 5, 2023

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“For 10 soles they burn and kill”: Oderola condemns violence by Venezuelan gangs, announces expulsions

Addressing the Peru-Chile migration crisis, Prime Minister Alberto Otterola announced that illegal aliens would not be allowed to enter our borders. (Willocks)

The The Peru-Chile Migration Crisis Mainly related to immigrants People of Venezuela This has kept officials in troubled countries in suspense. The government of Peru is taking continuous action on the border DagnaIt is already fortified with military and police presence.

In this sense, the Prime Minister Alberto Otterola Interviewed by The fourth forceHe strongly condemned the violent activities of Venezuelan criminal gangs such as Aragua train It also announced that citizens living abroad illegally would be deported and would not be able to enter the country without documents.

“We have a migration crisis, that’s clear. This crisis needs to be resolved with the participation of all countries involved Migration phenomenon. “When I say all countries, I mean those that have received a significant number of Venezuelans within their borders,” he said.

Alberto Otárola speaks out for the Peru-Chile migration crisis

He blamed this situation on “Open door policyIt was used in Peru when more than 800,000 Venezuelans entered between 2017 and 2018.

“I don’t know what economic study has been done to ensure that they get healthcare, education and employment. Among other things, this is due to a bad policy that this issue has created for us,” he added.

He stressed that international agreements were being respected, but said the continued entry of illegal citizens into our soil was “unacceptable”.

Members of the bloodthirsty criminal gang of Trent de Aragua are the most feared criminals in Venezuela.
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“There is an autograph of the law, which is given to people who have not regularized their status renewal. Public Apology, because they are certainly exorbitant penalties. We want to know how many officers they are, who they are, where they live, what they do and in which part of the country they are,” he said.

He estimated that there would be at least 400,000 Citizens of Venezuela In Peru soil which is in a state of UndocumentedWho run the risk of being deported if they don’t regularize their situation.

In addition, Otárola said that this phenomenon Migration It may be a “coalition” with very small elements, but the violent actions created by these organized Venezuelan gangs are “more powerful” and “increased” and “attack the security and lives of Peruvians.”

Venezuelan migrants are escorted by Peruvian police to a migration office on the border with Chile in Dagna, Peru, Friday, April 28, 2023. (AP Photo/Martín Mejía)

“Violence is condemnable. The levels of violence perpetrated by a criminal stem from these organized gangs Aragua train For 10 soles they kill, not only murder, burn, assault, rape. “Who measures the level of violence that cannot be attributed to our population,” he noted.

He said that there are “good Venezuelans” in our country who are the “majority” and that the amnesty was directed to allow them to regularize their documents and live peacefully in Peru. However, he clarified that if the illegals do not want to be evicted, there is already a Supreme Decree that gives them six months to register.

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“If they don’t register, we are going to take them out of the country because they have entered our territory illegally and we are not going to allow them to continue to enter. This is a decision taken by the President (Dina). Polwart “To take care of the lives and safety of Peruvians and good Venezuelans,” he said.

Trucks and cars are stuck as Venezuelan migrants block the entrance at Dagna, the Peruvian border with Chile. (AP/Martin Mejia)

He also remembers that there is a third rule that already declares everything boundaries of the country, so the armed forces go to support the Peruvian National Police (PNP).

On April 29, the Prime Minister announced that talks with other countries’ governments to address the migration crisis had “advanced”, promising that these talks would include the possibility of opening safe conduct and humanitarian aid. Corridor.

“We have advanced at the level of dialogue with other countries because it is a problem (migration) that involves many countries and it goes back a long time,” Oderola announced after an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers he chaired this morning. President Tina Polwarte.

One injured in skirmishes on the Peru-Chile border. (Peru)