July 18, 2024

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Father’s Day: What’s Celebrated Today and Why Google Dedicated Its Doodle to Dads

Google This Sunday, June 16, a New doodle As a tribute Father’s Day It is commemorated today in Argentina and other countries around the world.

In this case, Upon entry Google com, You can see a drawing that imitates a children’s illustration, where a father and his son are kneeling on some tables and playing. Next to it is a cat and a plant on a TV, suggesting that the family is in a domestic environment.

Today is Father’s Day in ArgentinaGo ahead

He google doodle Its purpose is to celebrate or commemorate marked events, achievements or people in the world past and present. That way, the Internet server changes its logo on its home page for a day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It’s a celebration, everyone in it Father figures There are different types of families. On this day, it is customary to greet parents with a special message, family celebration and dedication of gifts. It is done in many countries like this Argentinaas well as in America, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Greece, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey itselfamong others.

However, Where did this holiday come from? Each country has specified a date for this celebration. For example, Spain, Bolivia, Croatia, Honduras, Italy, Portugal And Swiss who celebrate their Father’s Day He March, 19: Definition of having Catholic ancestry St. Joseph’s Day, the father of Jesus of Nazareth. However, many places joined the American celebration, which appeared in the mid-20th century and quickly gained popularity.

The American Sonora Smart Tote inspired Father’s Day 100 years agoVisit Spokane

The history of this celebration dates back to the city SpokaneIn Washington State, America. Sonora Smart Dot Tributes to his father, William SmartA farmer and Civil War veteran, his wife — Ellen Victory Cheek-Billingsley — died giving birth to their sixth child, so he was forced to raise them alone.

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Her father’s efforts were etched in this girl’s memory. When he went to Central United Methodist Church in 1909 to hear a sermon Mother’s DayOn the second Sunday in May, it seemed to him that the parents deserved the same date to celebrate them. parents. So, on June 6, William Smart’s birthday, he proposed to the parish authorities that the parents be included in the sermon.

The Church The proposal was happily accepted, but they decided to change the date 19, the third Sunday of the month, can come well with products. In this way, 1910 is the first recorded year Father’s Day. The commemorative date was received with great enthusiasm, and the mayor of the city and the governor of Washington decreed that it should be done at the municipal and state level.

The celebration expanded across North America until 1966, when President Lyndon B. Johnson He issued a proclamation approving the celebration. However, it became a national holiday in 1972 during his presidency Richard Nixon Ordained the third Sunday in June Father’s Day, From there.


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