September 29, 2023

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Fantasy football scoring takes a Sunday afternoon off

Fantasy football scoring takes a Sunday afternoon off

I would like to say Each NFL batch is weird in its own way. Chaos is the product. This is what we as fictional managers expect. We try to take advantage of entropy, if we can. We turned inside slip. And man, there was a lot of fantasy sledding at the start of week 11. Many famous stars put on brick shows on Thanksgiving Eve.

Start in Detroit, where Josh Allen He was erratic early on and finished with only 197 rushing yards, one touchdown and seven rushing yards. Did his recent objection problem scare him? Maybe he was afraid of making a mistake. Buffalo still rolled to an easy win – even if Cleveland stole a last-second drive against the spread – but it was Allen’s worst fantasy game of the year so far. Those 12.58 points don’t buy much.

while, Jacoby Brissett She boomed — some on garbage time — on her way to 324 yards and three touchdowns. Amari Cooper (8-113-2) finally broke in a road match, w Donovan People’s Jones (5-61-1) finally broke the seal on his own touchdown account. It’s a good thing Cleveland has found some passing success, because Nick ChubbHe, like Allen, had a shockingly poor game (14 carries, 19 yards).

You may have had high hopes for the Ravens putting the wood on the Panthers—Baltimore, after all, was a 12-point home favorite. But Lamar Jackson He was limited to one touchdown (at least it was on the ground) and 240 yards of offense, good for Yahoo’s 16.46 fantasy points, and the Ravens to a boring 13-3 victory. Jackson didn’t lose your fantasy game, but he certainly didn’t win anything.

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Focus only on key players when he throws into the field. Mark Andrews (6-63-0) Played of course in all fantasy leagues. DeMarcus Robinson (9-128-0) It wasn’t. This is the seventh year of Robinson’s regular career. It is the second time he has passed 100 yards, and only the third time he has passed 70 yards. Score one for the genius of desperation.

Demarcus Robinson made it into fantasy – except for a very few fantasy directors who were desperate enough to play him. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Kenyan Drake Bananas did not go away Gus Edwards. Drake has accumulated 10-46 rushes and two short receptions. No landing. There is no fancy glory.

I refuse to say much about the leopards. Donna Foreman (11-24-0) has no running lanes. DJ Moore was immersed by Baker Mayfield. I never thought I’d be so desperate to watch Sam Darnold Play again.

The Eagles scored the fewest goals of the year, though they somehow managed to get away with a 17-16 victory over Indianapolis. The Lions hit the Giants, however Jared Goff He threw for only 165 yards – no touchdowns. Jamal Williams (Three Thorns) is still Detroit’s spirit animal, and D’Andrea Swift He scored at garbage time, though the Lions continued to limit his action (eight touches, 32 yards).

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The Lions’ defense was on its way to a halt I will be Barkley And it succeeded – 15 carries, 22 yards. Barkley also had two catches of 13 yards. Daniel Jones He was instrumental in catching, throwing for 341 yards, running for another 50 yards and catching two touchdowns. if you need Wandell Robinson (9-100-0) or Darius Slayton (5-86-0) With desperation playing, I made a slight profit.

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Even some of their trusted kickers have been taken down by the weather gods. Graham Janow Cut two more points in the wind tunnel for New Jersey. Nick Folk Had a hard time with the Foxboro Winds, but luckily for New England, Zack Wilson it was worse. The Patriots escaped with a win (and a gift cap) courtesy of a last-minute touchdown kick return. Nobody needs to re-watch the 10-3 Snooze Fest.

Oh, we can set our clock with a few things, fortunately. Chris Olaf (5-102-1) He ran in front of Rams defenders all day. Jonathan Taylor Total 94 yards and a score, f Michael Bateman And the Paris Campbell They are both respectful. Cole dun It didn’t take off in Atlanta (3-35-0), however Justin Fields (153 air, 85 ground, 2 degrees), David Montgomery (121 yards total, 1 score) and Darnell Mooney (4-29-1) They all attended. Mooney was held liberally for most of the day. He could easily have done more. Hopefully the fields are healthy for week 12 – He hit his left shoulder late in the loss to Atlanta.

The Falcons did what they usually do – kept the ball away from the best playmakers. Drake London He only had one catch on three catches, but at least it was a two-yard touchdown. Cordarrell Patterson Shared with two other contestants (Tyler Algere Marcus Mariota), does not mean that 10-52-0 is a poor showing. Patterson’s fantasy day was saved by a 103-yard kickoff return. Kyle Bates Five targets, three catches, 43 yards. Sometimes they are air arenas, sometimes they are prayer spaces.

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You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. No matter how frustrating the 1pm window is, there’s always a chance you’ll meet your opponent to the pits earlier than you did.

But hey — there’s always a 4 p.m. window.

Stay tuned for more booms and busts in Week 11…