July 17, 2024

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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 13: Sleepers, Starters, Sittings | Keren Williams, Deontay Johnson, and more

Our Week 13 fantasy football rankings are here, along with a fun new slate for discussion. While trade deadlines have passed, discussions have continued, and with Marvel Phase 4 wrapped up (and Christmas specials on their way), it’s time to sort things out for Marvel. Don’t worry, I still have sleepers, I start and sit…and don’t forget! … Check out Part 101 below for all-weather, wait to start/risk questions and more before you ask these questions.

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2022 Week 13 of fantasy football sleepers

🚨 heads up These sleep. They will not imitate my ranking 100%. This chases the uptrend and often carries more risk.

rear quarter

Possible starter: Trevor Lawrence, Jax First, the Lions give up 3.3 more FPPG games than any other team. Yes, part of that is due to rushing touchdowns allowed (six), but that includes a quick score by Gino Smith, Daniel Jones and Josh Allen. Every game in which Lawrence completed at least 70% of his passes resulted in over 16.7 points. The only game in which Lawrence scored 18.7 points but failed to reach that completion mark (51.2%) came with a rushing touchdown against the Giants. The Lions are highest in the league in completions allowed by a quarterback (64.7%) and most likely to end up in a high-scoring game at home.

running back

Possible starter: Dameon Pierce, HOU – As stated in the concessions, it’s time for the endless ducks. The concern couldn’t get any worse, but if there is ever a right match, it’s against Brown. Only the Bengals failed to get a double-digit aggressive score against the Browns, who have the highest APA for the job. They also lead the league in rushing yards (1,592) and rushing touchdowns allowed (14). If Pierce can’t finish in the Top 20 in Week 13, he’s finished.

Mary Start Tribute: Keren Williams, lar The Seahawks are another good game – just ask Josh Jacobs. Even before that, Leonard Fournette and Rashad White had no problems running on the Seahawks, and the Seahawks allowed their second two running reception yards. Williams caught 70.9% of his picks in Week 12, but more importantly, 61.5% of his passing shots to just 37.5% for Cam Akers.

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wide future

Possible starter: Alain Lazard, Great Britain Even with a streak of just 3-2-24 in Week 12, Lazard still has the highest Snap% (100) and Route% (96.4) of all receivers and tight ends. Sure, Christian Watson’s outburst hurt Lazard a bit, but the Bears’ matchup is far from uneventful. The only problem is that some teams haven’t had much success due to the Bears being so easy to beat. This is another reason why Lazard is a possible/sleeper starter and not in the top 30 guaranteed domains. Mike White had no problems against the Bears last week, finding Jarrett Wilson and Elijah Moore on three touchdowns combined, and that’s hope we can get for a Lazard touchdown, even with Watson getting his own.

Possible starter: Diontae Johnson, PIT Johnson remains 25th in TmTGT% (24.9) and 8th in goals (94) among all enemies. It didn’t result in a touchdown…or even 85 yards. This new Johnson…the old Jacoby Myers? This is why DiontBAE is just DiontMAY… be… start. Furthermore, the Falcons can speed up the clock due to constantly running the ball, so the chance of hitting 10 goals may be slim. However, most of the receivers with 8+ scores against the Falcons have put up a 30-day best…more.

HAIL MARY START: DJ Chark, DET – Participated in five games, and only four games with at least 65% of shots (only 15.9% in Week 11, first game after a Week 3 injury). Across the four games, Chark earned a 16.1 TmTGT% for totals of 23-9-114-2, 13.2, 0.0, 6.1, and 8.6 points, respectively. As mentioned with Lawrence, this can be a tricky thing to score high, especially with Jared Goff being better at home. Shark deserves a deep play for the touchdown.

tight end

Mary Start Tribute: David Njoku, Klee Honestly, just play Njoku. Since week 3, Njoku has only three single-digit points compared to his four double-digit efforts, with two single-digit efforts still tied at 7.3 and 9.2, the other being his first game again and limited. Even with this limited game and wasted time, Njoku is TE8 since week 3-5 in FPPG. Oh, and he’s got a game with the Texans this week.

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Fun with ranking!
Marvel Phase 4 rating

With Marvel Phase 4 ending now that The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special has aired β€” and the Christmas viewing season begins, too β€” I figured, “Why not Marvel Phase 4?” Well, you could argue against it because it was a lot of “meh,” but we’d have fun discussing ranks anyway, right? It’s basically the tight end TV/movie situation – a couple great and a lot of, er, I guess.

  1. Spider-Man: No way home – Travis Kelsey from Phase 4. It’s this and then everything else, as No Way Home is the best superhero movie yet.
  2. Loki – Fabulous. This is how the seeds are sown and the Marvel series is made.
  3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Drama? A wonderful and tasteful transition. My main problem outside of introducing Namor, the new Black Panther, and Ironheart (which they don’t even name), is that nothing develops outside of potential future tie-ins.
  4. WandaVision – Sure, subsequent episodes explain some of the first few, but man, the first three episodes – and arguably some of the finale – give this show a low floor despite the high ceiling. I’m Gabe Davis.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Tie some strings, check everyone up, and have some good laughs. Add it to your list of Christmas movies.
  6. Thor: Love and Thunder – I understand the hate, I just don’t agree with most of it. Is it a throwaway Marvel movie? Sure, but most of Phase Four has been somewhat elusive and loosely related. It was still fun.
  7. hook – It’s Die Hard as a superhero show…and more Christmas than Die Hard. Why hate?
  8. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – some repetitions of WandaVision for Wanda, but nonetheless, and with the love-it-or-hate-it music scene (I hated it) and more focus on Wanda than Dr. Strange, this movie was so good.
  9. What if…? Dr. episode raised us. Strange (which might be a big part of the movie’s plot), but we’ve got superheroes, zombies, and more interesting “what ifs.”
  10. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – another fun movie, even with a CGI celebration of the ending (and lots of Awkwafina).
  11. Black Widow – Due to the timing of the release (returned), it was misplaced in the overall storyline of the story. It’s still a decent mix of the base with more spy elements.
  12. I grow old – Short fun… Still, one very bleak episode.
  13. Werewolf by night – I have a feeling that some people like it. He was fine. Similar to the GotG Special, a short (Halloween) that’s just as good as it gets.
  14. Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Beautiful meh. I can only tell you that Sam Wilson is the new Captain America… which you probably already knew and assumed.
  15. Moon Knight – As messy as trying to make your way through the plot. As with much of Phase 4, Marvel is given credit for trying new things, but this one feels like it didn’t “stick” to the wall.
  16. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Speaking of trying new things… I’m not sure She-Hulk knew what she wanted to be, or try, from episode to episode. Just watch this instead.
  17. Ms. Marvel – I tried. Really try. I couldn’t even finish this one, and sure, it would probably be worth getting teens to invest in Marvel stuff, but I’ve outgrown that demographic for a long time. Get off my garden!
  18. eternal – Woof. Cool effects and action, but…that’s it.
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Week 13 fantasy football predictions

🚨 attention 🚨 These can differ from my rankings, and my ratings The ranks are the order in which I will start the players Out of extra context, like, “You need the highest feature, even if it’s risky.” Also, based on 4 TDs for QB, 6 points for relief, and a Half-PPR

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***here they are Not Sunday morning update FYI ***

Week 13 fantasy football rankings

🚨 attention 🚨

    • We found a solution to the rating tool issue with Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards). All 3 results work and can be modified by me (unlike before), and the widget will let you scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! Yay!
    • It’s updated regularly, so check out Lockdown Listings for the entirety.

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