July 19, 2024

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Fantasian is coming to a platform that people will play it on

Fantasian is coming to a platform that people will play it on

picture: Square Enix

Did you know that the creator and composer Final fantasy Are you teaming up again in 2021 to release a great retro-inspired RPG? Maybe you don’t, and here’s why Fantasy It was released exclusively on Apple Arcade and was quickly forgotten. But now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, as announced during June 2024 Nintendo DirectAnd you shouldn’t miss it again.

Despite being relegated to Apple Arcade, Fantasy It’s actually a great RPG that mixes old school and modern sensibilities. This shouldn’t be too surprising given the Mistwalker developer team: As mentioned, Final fantasy Series creator Hironbu Sakaguchi produced and wrote the game for a long time Final fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu provided the music. Their participation alone is enough to get players excited, and Fantasy It has a certain quality about it that makes it feel special Final fantasy In all but name honestly, you could put Fantasy Next to Mistwalker The Lost Odyssey, The last storyAnd the blue Dragon And get a little branding Final fantasy group.

Square Enix

But apart from the creator’s lineage, Fantasy It brings something new to the formula. The most surprising part of the game is its unique visual aesthetic. Paying homage to the pre-rendered environments of old-school RPGs, FantasyThe game environments are made of real dioramas. It gives the game world a dream-like texture and feel as enemies and computer-rendered characters walk around. Mechanically, a great gimmick Fantasy It is a traditional turn-based fighting game that has been slightly modified. Characters can cast spells or launch attacks at single enemies, but if you move the attack path using the touchscreen, you can attack multiple enemies.

One of my favorite features in Fantasy Do DemingeonWhich addresses the annoyance caused by grinding and random encounters. When exploring the world, you can flank the enemies you encounter in the Dimengeon and continue exploring without fighting. Once the Dimengeon is full, you have to start a long battle against all the enemies you have surrounded. It’s an elegant system that allows players to have more freedom and choice in their exploration.

While all the optical and mechanical features of Fantasy They feel like innovative iterations of classic RPGs, and the narrative isn’t much to write home about. You are an amnesiac protagonist sent to save the world and everything goes as you expect. But for those who are tired of replaying all the classics and want to taste something new, FantasyThe game’s stunning environments and innovative combat make it an enjoyable adventure. I can’t wait for more people to play it when it launches this holiday season on Nintendo Switch.


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