June 27, 2022

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Fake Klay Thompson says he was just banned from Chase Center

Fake Klay Thompson says he was just banned from Chase Center

For the first time in a long time, the Warriors Folk champion Fake Klay Thompson is seen outside the Chase Center on Monday. Fake Klay – who was filmed by YouTube prankster Dawson Gurley – was the topic of conversation During previous ESPN broadcasts And the Steve Kerr Media Sessions. (“I turned around and said, ‘Klay, did you eat a few extra burgers?'” Kerr once joked.) Fake Klay has been featured in everything from Finals games to ring celebrations, to the delight of NBA fans.

But Monday may be the last time fans will see a fake Klay Thompson for a while.

Gurley tweeted two hours before he received a tip Monday that he had been banned for life from Chase Center. Is it really? Who do you know? Chase Center officials could not be reached to confirm the ban prior to publication (they were likely busy preparing for Game 5 of the NBA Finals). According to Gurley, He was blocked after getting past five layers of security guards “who let me pass of their own free will without asking for ID,” at which point he said he shot in court “for 10 minutes.”

Gurley then shared what he said was the official message along with the ban, which appears to have been signed by Chase Center’s vice president of security, Brian J. Herbert, which is the actual name of the Chase Center’s vice president of security.

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this is It appears to be a picture of Gurley shooting in the ring.

Again, though, we’re talking about Fake Klay Thompson, which means this entire episode could be fake too.

But no less than two fans spotted Fake Klay Thompson on Monday morning. According to BART train operator Dewayne Diams, his sister He was cheated on by Fake Klay Thompson outside Chase, and he had no idea after taking pictures with him and her grandson that it wasn’t the real deal. second fan I spotted it At Union Square around 10 a.m.

Gurley has tapped Fake Klay Thompson schtick over the years to cater to tens of millions of views on everything from “Klay Thompson playing basketball with strangers” to me “Pretending to be Klay Thompson. When he’s not pretending to be Clay, 29-year-old Gurley makes a bunch of hidden-camera pranks that range from kind of funny to very annoying, which includes a whole series of ‘in the hood’ pranks.