March 21, 2023

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Evgeni Malkin could sign a one-year incentive-packed deal with a Penguins competitor

Evgeni Malkin could sign a one-year incentive-packed deal with a Penguins competitor

Modernization: In the end, Evgeni Malkin chose not to audition for free agency and re-signed with the Penguins.

Original story: The Washington Capitals are not Niklas Backstrom and will be without a second-line position for much of next year after the Swede underwent hip resurfacing. Capitals General Manager Brian McClellan He said the team would look to fill that gap internally.

…But! There is an interesting option that the capitals may consider to be heading 100 per cent into free agency: Yevgeny Malkin.

Future Hall of Fame I decided to test the market on Monday after not feeling that the penguins were wanted. And while the Capitals can’t sign a player worth $9.5 million if they’re planning on making a comeback this season, there’s a way Malkin could make it work.

Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman Explain in market hype Article – Commodity:

where [Malkin] Want to go? What contract does he want? How much influence does emotion affect his decisions? Any contender in the Cup looking for a position has to think about it. This will include old rivals, an idea that should make penguin lovers want to vomit. Since he’s over 35, he could consider a one-year contract with huge bonuses – that would be attractive to teams, but does he like it?

Malkin, who turns 36 on July 31, can sign a one-year “see how it goes” deal with the capitals in which the team can use achievable performance bonuses as a way to push their maximum potential down the road to give them flexibility. season.

Per bookapedia:

Performance bonuses are paid to players based on their achievements and are not guaranteed. Only some players are eligible for performance bonuses in their contract:

– Entry-level contract players

– Players aged 35 or over who sign a one-year contract

Players have played a minimum of 400 NHL games and are signing a one-year contract after sustaining a long-term injury. A long-term injury is defined as a player who has been injured in reserve for at least 100 days in the past year.

While performance bonuses are calculated against the maximum salary, teams are allowed to exceed the maximum salary due to performance bonuses, up to a maximum of 7.5% of the maximum salary.

If the team exceeds the maximum salary due to performance bonuses, any amount over the maximum salary is considered a carry-over bonus, and is calculated against the maximum in the following season.

with two owners Friends with Ovechkin and other capitals Rus (Except when they talk to him in Russian), he may want to play in the capital, especially after feeling disrespected by his team for a long time.

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Basically, it looks the other way around the situation is no I can all evolve with this drama.

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