August 19, 2022

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Elections in Colombia: Gustavo Pedro removes historic ally Pedro Cordoba from his campaign for the presidency of Colombia | International

Colombia’s presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro and Senator Pedro Cordoba.Agencies

Gustavo Pedro wants to clear the way for Colombia’s presidency. He has never been as close or as well-liked in an election as he is now. In the process, ballasts are dumped on the matter from the senator Devotion Cordoba, One of his historical allies and a favorite target of the right wing. Pedro asked this Wednesday From Twitter, Should stop campaigning for him until he solves the legal issues involved. Betrista, more than Pedro, is isolated by C கோrdoba and without the legal shield given to him by being close to his favorite in the polls.

This decision reflects a turning point in Pedro’s strategy, which so far has put Cordoba at all costs in the historic deal of a coalition of left – wing movements. In his day, he mediated between the FARC and the government of President Alvaro Uribe to free the politicians abducted by the guerrillas. However, his character has always been surrounded by controversy. Many years later, one of his advisers accused him of using his relationship with Hugo Chavez and rebel commanders to delay the release of victims such as Ingrid Bettencourt, who had been abducted for six years.

The trial, which became known in February, accused him of maintaining an agreement with Chavismo and the FARC to increase his popularity and transform Cordoba into a politician capable of reaching the presidency of Colombia. Ripe, According to a book by journalist Gerardo Reyes, Cordoba is about to reach the pinnacle: the Venezuelan sear consulted whether the plan is feasible and the medium is definite. According to the same story, Maduro was also introduced to Alex Chap, a Colombian businessman currently detained in the United States. The rest Know the story. Crdoba has always denied any interest in the Gorillas other than freeing the hostages. His lawyer pointed out that there was no conclusive evidence to charge him.

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With these allegations behind him, a number of transparent judicial processes and the demand for the extradition of a brother to the United States, Pedro kept her in a privileged position on his Senate list this year as well. For the next four years, she is elected until 2026. What happened now if she wanted to get out of the shadows? This has a lot to do with the Black Holy Week that Pedro enjoyed.

His brother met some prisoners a week ago. He did this as part of a humanitarian commission that visits prisons and examines the treatment given to prisoners. Upon learning of this visit, the brother explained his intentions there badly, and then Pedro did not fully clarify himself (he theorized. Jack Derrida’s Comment on Social Forgiveness) And his opponents used the opportunity to accuse him of plotting to reduce the sentences of politicians imprisoned for corruption in exchange for votes. The left-wing candidate spent a week trying to dispel these suspicions. The judicial decision against Cர்டrdoba will be another blow to the campaign in the coming weeks.

He threw her out before it happened. In addition, his campaign team found that several campaign donors on the side of C்டோrdoba may have tried to infiltrate to tarnish the candidate’s name. The DEA arrested the senator’s brother, and two of his agents pretended to be Mexican businessmen who wanted to deal with them and pay for the campaign. Pedro did not trust those businessmen from the beginning, as he described.

Sometimes it is not easy to find out who the victim or culprit is in Colombia. Cர்டrdoba was abducted in 1999 by paramilitaries. He then spent 16 years in Congress as part of the Liberal Party and he has already faced charges for his links with the FARC. The prosecutor’s office disqualified her, although the decision was overturned six years later. Since then his political career has been very eventful. In some respects, C்டோrdoba is an okra, reprehensible as he smuggles a crime for profit. For others, it was someone who took a risk to help his country and hostages in the midst of conflict. Whatever it was, Barbner could not have been wrong in predicting a tinsel future for him. Fire and fury awaited him around the corner.

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