June 5, 2023

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Dom works on a chocolate bar for Halloween

Dom works on a chocolate bar for Halloween

People get all kinds of weird stuff in their tricks or scams over the years. Knocked once who – which House on the street and the man with the silver beard put sausages in my pumpkin-garnished bag next to the bars of Milky Ways and Mars…

But one surprise I don’t mind finding in this year’s collection of goodies is the Milky Way, which has gaming power – it’s fun that won’t leave a sick taste in your stomach, and doesn’t complement a hot dog bun like ’07 sausage.

This year, toys are coming in the form of snacks, as for Halloween a tech company made a Milky Way backed the death.

Doom works on your Halloween gifts

After you’ve knocked on every door in your area, you might want to keep an eye on any Milky Ways, hardware manufacturer Adafruit built a bar with the death run on it.

“Please check your kids’ Halloween candy carefully! We’ve found the death The developers said, before showing off their design that looks just as edible as a regular bar, except for the screen.

It’s not the first time this has happened the death She found her way into a weird screen, since we’ve also seen her play in pregnancy tests and Lego. We’ve also covered how to play the death On the McDonald’s booth or even playing the death inside the death – Wild, we know

Check out your Halloween candy this year!

Of course, you will be quite surprised if you decide to sink your teeth into the death A piece of candy, since it’s made of plastic and wire instead of chocolate and soft caramel.

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However, your fears in October are unlikely to end in an electric shock, as tech experts in New York don’t seem to sell the death Milky Way gimmick at Halloweeny online store.

However, games and tricks come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on what’s in the bag of goodies this year. by time a eternal torment The Roll On Sequel, we imagine you’ll be able to play OG on a whole host of exotic devices. At the moment, the chocolate bar is considered the most innovative.