June 9, 2023

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“Do not think about moving an inch into NATO”

Photo: EFE

US President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday that the consequences could be if his forces enter within a centimeter of the border. NATO

“Do not think about moving even a centimeter within the NATO border.” The president made the warning while addressing a gathering of hundreds of people at the Royal Palace in Warsaw.

Poland, where Biden is located on the border with Ukraine, is a member of NATO, and fears that war in Ukraine could spread to its border.

Biden affirmed that the United States has a “sacred” obligation to protect “every centimeter” of NATO, establishing that under Article 5 of its founding agreement, an attack on a state by the Atlantic Alliance is an attack against all.

The US leader, who acknowledged that the war in Ukraine could last days or months, called on the West to “boldly” arm itself for a protracted conflict.

Biden talks about the war between Ukraine and Russia

“In this war, we must keep our eyes open: this war cannot be won in days and months. We must be armed with courage for the long struggle to come,” he stressed.

Throughout his speech, Biden sought to clarify the seriousness of the war in Ukraine and its consequences, linking it to the future of democracy and the future of world liberal order, which was established to establish the international norms established at the end of World War II. Avoid another major conflict.

Biden accused Putin of “strangling” democracy inside Russia’s borders and abroad, and considered the “war for democracy” not over at the end of the Cold War.

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“All democracies in the world have a responsibility to help them,” the president stressed.

The US ruler addressed the Ukrainian people this Saturday to deliver the “same message” already conveyed to the foreign and defense ministers. UkraineDimitrov Kuleba and Oleksi Resnikov were in the audience.

“We are with you!” The President announced that this caused applause from those present at various points in the speech.

Biden described what he described as a “great talk” by the White House, which was attended by Polish President Andrzej Duda and some refugees and Ukrainians living in Poland, EFE verifies.

At the end of the speech, when Biden had already left, many of the participants shouted “Arms to Ukraine!” And “Close the sky!”, Referring to the non-flying zone, detected by the EFE.

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