July 19, 2024

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Did Aegon Targaryen really die in House of the Dragon last night?

Did Aegon Targaryen really die in House of the Dragon last night?

In last night’s thrilling Battle of the Dragon, arguably the best battle in the Thrones series since the Battle of the Bastards, we saw some big losses, but some questions that remain unanswered. If you looked this up online, you already know the main victim I’m talking about.

That was King Aegon Targaryen, but first, we can’t forget the sacrifice of Rhaenys, whose death was confirmed, mirroring what happened in the book. We saw Mellees die, and Rhaenys fell to her death shortly after.There is a full interview. I talked about her death with actress Eve Best. Yes, she died, and fell into Cole and Amond’s trap. But of course there was that loophole…

ForbesSummary and review of the fourth episode of the second season of the series “House of the Dragon”: The Red Dragon and the Gold

This was Aegon Targaryen deciding to drink and play dragons, and head to Rockrest where I guess he thought he could blow up the castle with dragonfire and look like he was doing something useful in the war. But being the fool he was, he didn’t expect to be met by the more experienced dragon rider Rhaenys, nor his dragon rider brother Vagar, who took advantage of the unexpected opportunity to try to usurp the throne.

We see Aemond deliberately bombarding Aegon with dragonfire during his fight with Rhaenys, and the dragon and Aegon descend into the forest, their fate unknown. Once there, we see Sunfire dying but not dead, and Aegon lying on the ground in his armor. He is likely seriously wounded, and possibly dead. But is he dead? There is an answer in the book, but first, here are some questions you may have.

Targaryens are not immune to dragonfire. – This has been established in the history of the series, even if this power is immune to ordinary fire as we have seen with Daenerys several times. But this power has its limits, and that limit is dragonfire.

Valyrian steel is not immune to dragonfire. – This metal may be the hardest in the land, but it’s not completely immune to dragonfire. Not that Aegon was covered in it from head to toe anyway, with his head and face exposed.

Targaryens are not immune to fall damage. – I mean, aside from the fire, he fell from a thousand feet in the air. I guess you could say Sunfire resisted his fall, but nonetheless. And in this episode, there’s no doubt that the damage from the fall is what caused Rhaenys’ death, considering she didn’t burn up (as she did in the book).

now, Follow the events of the book.

Is Aegon alive? Hardly. Because of all the dragonfire, Aegon’s Valyrian steel melts into his body and he is badly burned and bedridden. But he’s not dead, and thus is still technically king. This makes him the second most unfit king of all, but obviously this creates a whole lot of problems down the road. I’ll get to that later.

Aemond looked like he was about to execute him, but he pulled himself together when Cole appeared. Or was he trying to put the dragon out of its misery? Either way, he clearly wanted his brother dead, and probably didn’t want anyone to witness it. Still, Cole must have seen what he was trying to do. But Cole is also a fool and often a traitor, so who knows if that matters.

Absolutely insane episode this week. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and it’s going to be tough to beat a fight like this.

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