July 14, 2024

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Cuba condemns terrorist program planned and financed by the United States

Cuba condemns terrorist program planned and financed by the United States

The chief prosecutor of the FGR Directorate against Corruption and Illegalities pointed out that these events are acts that violate the constitution. Source: Screenshot.

July 8, 2024 Time: 10:49 pm

Colonel Victor Alvarez Valle, the second chief of the special unit of the MININT Directorate of Intelligence, said a civilian was detained.

Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior (Minint) condemned in a television program this Monday that the implementation of a new plan designed, directed and financed by the United States (US) to carry out violent activities in Cuba was blocked.

Likewise, Citizen Arténiz García Alvarez, with the precautionary measure of detention ordered by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, was reported to have illegally entered Cuba with the intention of committing acts of violence. FGR).

Cuba foiled a US-orchestrated terrorist plot

In this sense, an investigative process is developed that focuses on the facts and the people involved.

The second head of the Special Organization of the Intelligence Directorate of Minint, Colonel Victor Álvarez Valle, as a result of the investigation carried out by the special organizations of the Ministry, citizen Ordeniz García Álvarez, a Cuban citizen. Cienfuegos Province, 40 years old, living in the United States since 2014, when he left the country illegally.

In addition, he said he was detained in November 2023 in a sea boat through the Manui Canal, Madanzas, after carrying guns and ammunition, with the intention of recruiting people and inciting an armed uprising. America.

In that sense, he noted, it was planned, organized and financed by a group of US-based Cuban terrorists, some of whom had already carried out violent activities in the country and had previously been reported to North American authorities. .

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For his part, the chief prosecutor of the FGR Directorate for Combating Corruption and Illegality, Edward Roberts Campbell, said the events described by the colonel were “constitutional, transformative, constitutionally recognized”.

Further, it overstepped the limits of exercise of rights under Article 45 of the Constitution, implementing the criminal law aimed at protecting people’s lives, social order and civil peace, and therefore determining the legal assets it protects.

Likewise, terrorism includes violations of the politico-economic order, public order and state security, as well as taking into account the motivations and means and goals used by them.

In this sense, the Cuban nation has signed agreements related to the fight against terrorism and based on that, the United Nations Security Council (UN), published a national list of persons mentioned in acts of terrorism.

Author: teleSUR – odr – YSM

Source: Caribbean Channel