July 19, 2024

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Loan Danilo Pena has not been heard from since last Thursday, June 13. On that day, the 5-year-old boy was last seen in Baraje Algarrobar, 9 de Julio, in the province of Corrientes. He had gone to his grandmother Catalina’s house for lunch with his father Jose Pena. Today, the case is in suspense ArgentinaInvestigators believe a human trafficking network is behind the incident.

It was first reported that debt Even that was lost at one point Orange tree Search for fruits with uncle Antonio Bernardino BenitezA family-friendly couple was formed Daniel Ramirez and Monica Milaby, and other minors. The place is 600 meters away from the grandmother’s house.

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The initial search for the boy focused on the field where he was last seen. He Prosecutor Juan Carlos Castillo He was in charge of the first phase of the investigation classified as Abandoning the person This is done disappearing.

The loan has been missing since June 13.

But seriously Racks It was carried out in an area of ​​25 thousand hectares They give no indication of the loss of credit in El Algarobaal.

Also, in Reconstruction There were inconsistencies in what happened on the day of the events. Accompanying minors debt They pointed to a path leading to the grandmother’s house as the place where they had last seen it, and the adults could not tell which direction the child might have gone.

Adults who accompanied Lon to look for oranges were arrested The person was abandoned, the newspaper reported .

Besides family friends, The lunch was also attended by the municipal official and her husband, who are now playing an important role in the investigation..

Eighth day missing, advocate William Barry Joined the investigations.

A case of human trafficking

Picture of a lunch where Carlos Perez and his wife Maria Victoria Kailava appear, who allegedly kidnapped Lone.

Over the weekend, the case took a turn when the court approved it They may “take” credit.. Therefore, the research was categorized as “Abandoning the person“to”Human trafficking”.

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The key concept is justice Argentina matter The loan was abducted and handed over to a trafficking network. Those suspected of having delivered the child for this purpose Victoria KailavaHe worked as the production director of the municipality July 9; and her husband, Carlos Perez is a retired Navy officer.

Another of those arrested has been identified as the commissioner of 9 de Julio Walter Maciel. He was accused of concealing the plot to abduct the minor by delaying the initiation of the search and focusing only on the hypothesis of loss. Unlike other prisoners, he was not at lunch.

How did they take the child?

On Monday, prosecutors Castillo and Barry issued an opinion in which they gave their version of what happened based on the evidence they gathered and referred the case to the National Justice. Federal crime.

Newspaper A six-page document prepared by lawyers can be accessed currents. “On June 13, 2024 (sic) at approximately 3 pm accused (Carlos) by Perez and (Maria Victoria) Kailava They caught the boy Loan, 5 years, modified Unknown target for exploit purposesRecruitment took place in mediation (sic9 in the house of Catalina Pena (Paternal Grandmother of the Debt) located at Pareje Alcarobal in the town of de Julio,” the text reads.

“To reach the goal Perez And Don’t do it They had the co-operation of the accused Bernardino Antonino Benitez (Credit Uncle), Ramirez Daniel Oscar And Monica Del Carmen Milaby (Uncle’s Friendly Couple),” the document reads.

“They carried out a standard procedure Remove the boy from his father’s custodyTaking the minor to a hilly area 600 meters away from his house (It was actually his grandmother’s house.), the pretext of gathering and consuming oranges, without assistance, cannot commit the former offense,” the lawyers’ opinion continued.

The dogs found the boy’s scent trails

Six people have been detained.

According to La Nación, the municipal official and her husband are believed to have taken the child A white Ford Ranger pickup truck Together they came home Catherine. They would have gone in the same vehicle On July 9, to transfer the minor to a red Ford Ka car for a property, They also belong.

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With that car, the couple set off on June 14 EnduranceProvince Chaco. Doubtful, La Nacion notes, they would have surrendered at some point along the way Credit to human trafficking agency may have led Paraguay.

Defense Minister Patricia Bullrich said on Monday that the government had contacted authorities Paraguay It is possible that there was a child brought into the country illegally.

However, the Paraguayan National Police on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of the child being in the country.

How were the suspects identified? This week it was revealed that the trained dogs had been discovered Traces of the boy’s scent in two cars Owned by a municipal officer and her husband.

“That’s one Extreme proof It determined that Perez and Kailava’s vehicles contained the odor of Lone. In the truck, to a lesser extent, and one hundred percent in the Ford Ka. It has to do with the length of time the loan has been on each vehicle,” said driver Guillermo Barry Finance Division for reception and analysis of cases (Ufrac), a department of the Public Ministry of Corrientes.

Monday night, Corrientes’ lawyers said the retired Navy captain Carlos PerezArranged the capture and kidnapping of the boy, using his wife’s connections, Maria Victoria KailavaTo carry out his criminal plan.

Commissioner “planted evidence”

Regarding the Commissioner’s role Walter MacielProsecutors said, “He changed the clues and evidence of the truth that I discovered, thus obstructing the course of the investigation, and removed a shoe from the neighborhood, which was later confirmed to be a loan, He even pretended to have discovered it himselfThe issue is that there is evidence of the presence of footwear Found by Ladelina Pena (Aunt of Debt), determined a rear by the report of the Deputy Director of Civil Defense Relevant evidence was deliberately planted to divert the investigationBecause there is no loan where the shoe was.”

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“We know they put the boot on us at that point. to us We believed what they said, but later we realized that it was the head of the police station who had given all the authority to divert the investigation. We asked for his immediate arrest,” prosecutor Castillo later told a press conference.

Sunday, Clarion Prosecutors confirmed allegations against the commissioner that he was putting pressure on residents July 9 So they don’t go to parades called for Lon’s appearance.

Kadan’s father speaks

As for Kadan’s father, Jose pen spoke with the program”Argentina morning“In C5N and published details about The day his son went missing.

He said he had no idea he would meet so many people at lunch Directly targeted against Ladelina PenaHer sister and associate of Antonio Benitez, one of the six arrested.

He said Ladenia.It has something to do with it” He said that He first said that his son was missing.

Regarding those accused of embezzlement, Maria Victoria Kailava and her husband Carlos Perez, Jose Pena assured them they knew, but it was There is no friendship between them.

He added that the moment the husband and wife learned of Lon’s disappearance They got into their truck and left the place. “When they came to know that the child was lost, they came out and calmly left. They didn’t care. They got into the truck and left. It is not known why they did not cooperate with the search.”.

I’m suspicious of anyone at the table getting paid to deliverExcept my mother,” said Jose Peña.