July 14, 2024

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Communications – The New York Times

Communications – The New York Times

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Puzzle Sunday – In his print introduction to this network, Joel Fagliano wrote: “Chandy Detmer, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, works at Elevate Labs, a brain-training app. Weena Liu, of New York City, is a New York Times puzzle editor and author of the daily Connections game.” Chandi is part of the game’s testing committee, and sends her weekly feedback to Wyna. Chandi envisioned this topic and thought, what better person to collaborate with than the Queen of Communications herself!

These two creators have six crossword puzzles on Sunday, and have collaborated separately with other people in the past, but this is the first time they’ve joined forces. The result is effervescent – ​​good-looking and broadly attractive, yet full of interesting details.

Are most analysts already addicted to communications? This game is today’s topic, and the concept works like a charm. There are eight examples, in 22-, 32-, 40-, 61-, 70-, 85-, 95- and 109- across; Each is linked to four terms that are already grouped together, and it is our job to define what each connection is.

For example, 22-Across is “APP, Amenities, General, Provision?” These are all words that go along with retail of one kind or another; In fact, every term can have a “store” after it. That’s what makes these storefronts. 85-Across (“CERTIFIED, FUNKY, MINTY, POPPIN’?”), which in my opinion is the cutest quartet, replaces FRESH STARTS. This category includes Rotten tomatoes, Contradictory slang from the 1980s And A little doughAnd I found them all funny.

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