July 12, 2024

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Colombian women arrested for drug trafficking under Vick (+ video)

Colombian women arrested for drug trafficking under Vick (+ video)

Authorities acknowledged that they had never arrested a person involved in drug trafficking.

Two Colombian women have been arrested at Panama’s Dokumen International Airport for trying to smuggle cocaine into Spain, according to the Central U.S. Attorney General’s Office.

First, the Panamanian narcotics lawyer, Xiomara Rodríguez, reported at the airport that a Colombian woman had been arrested on a flight from her country to Madrid.

According to the official version, the police approached him with suspicions about this person’s hairstyle. After examining the scanner, the agents were able to observe that between her natural hair braid and the worn wick, the drug pills were hidden in her head.

Rodriguez, who gave no details on the woman’s top, was wearing “68 cylindrical black wrappers white powder (inside)” under her wig.

Rodriguez added in a video posted on the Panama Attorney General’s Office’s Twitter account that the drug trafficking system was “unprecedented” in Panama.

Panamanian police have posted on their Twitter account a photo of two agents holding a person from behind, behind a desk, with drugs in it.

Hours later, the Attorney General’s Office announced the arrest of a “second woman” with “67 suspicious drug packages” hidden under another wick. It came from Colombia and was destined for Spain.

Although the citizenship of this second prisoner was not mentioned in the official information, sources from the Attorney General’s Office confirmed to the AFP that it was another Colombian. According to officials, both women will be arraigned before a court guaranteeing international drug trafficking charges.

Among the bizarre methods of drug trafficking, in 2021, around the prison perimeter, a cat named “Narcokado” was caught by Panamanian police for tying cocaine, crack and marijuana around his neck and introducing it into prison.

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From Panama, South America – mainly from Colombia, the world’s largest cocaine producer – Panama is the gateway to the drug, the world’s largest consumer of the drug.

However, Central American officials have warned of a significant increase in drug trafficking to Europe, mainly through Caribbean ports.

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