December 11, 2023

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Colombian lawyer gives details of the murder of a Paraguayan lawyer

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Director General of the National Police Jorge Luis Vargas and Colombian Attorney General Francisco Barbosa at a press conference on June 7 | Screenshot Weather

From Cartagena, they were assassinated on May 10th Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo BecciColombian Attorney General Francisco Barbosa and Director General of the National Police Jorge Luis Vargas provided new details of the investigation that allowed the arrest of five people involved in the crime.

This afternoon at noon, the authorities held a press conference after the charges were filed and the security operation imposed on five detainees in Medellin on Friday.

One of the first pieces of information Barbossa provided was that social media was key to committing this murder. This takes into account the fact that the conversation with his partner – with whom he was on his honeymoon – was seen by the killers as a series of publications on social networks.

Sometimes they are murderers who are said to be missing, but they find the lawyer through their networks.

“Here’s a fundamental problem: posting irresponsibly on social networks can become a dangerous weapon.

The prosecutor added that they had reconstructed everything that had happened in Cartagena as part of the assassination of a Paraguayan judicial officer.

Barbosa said 20 locations, 200 testimonials, 120 hours of video analysis, technical information of 40 antennas, 67 telephone connections, 27 interviews and analysis of 10 social networks were carried out.


“The collection of material evidence, such as security cameras, cell phones and videos from witness statements, allowed us to record the movements of these criminals in real time,” the attorney general explained.

All five involved were arrested in Medellin on Friday last week. They were then sent to Cartagena. A judge there is prosecuting a man who was killed while talking on a beach in Baru, the capital of Bolivar.

Four of those arrested have pleaded guilty to the charges against them by the prosecutor’s office. However, Francisco Louis Korea, who was identified as the perpetrator and financier, did not accept them.

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At trial, in addition, it was revealed that they would have paid about $ 500,000 for the crime of attorney Becci.

Those involved are expected to be transferred to Bogot, where they will remain in custody pending trial. They will first be in the lawyer’s bunker, while reservations are found in the capital’s prisons.

Investigations related to talking murder

Barbossa also pointed out that they were able to solve the crime during more than 22 days of interrogation. Every piece of evidence they found during recent days of investigations in Cartagena was recognized by those involved.

Officials point out that there is no reward for providing results, and they assure that there are investigative frameworks “when the perpetrators, basically, come to a guaranteed control trial, all they do is accept the charges.”

Barbosa said what’s coming up is identifying the culprits of the crime, for which they will work with the Paraguayan authorities and “once the case is settled, we will resolve it as a tribute to the lawyer Pechi.”

Prisoners are “open the door” to provide elements that allow them to locate the whereabouts of intelligent teachers of murder.

General Vargas, for his part, said that Pechi was going to be killed in Paraguay by a Brazilian mob.

The prosecutor’s office said it could not provide further details as to which criminal gang the killers would be linked to, as it was important information to find those responsible. But the group “has the ability to kill anyone in the area.”

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