July 24, 2024

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Cindy Lazo shared the scars of the accident that took her life in pictures.

Cindy Lazo shared the scars of the accident that took her life in pictures.

Venezuelan actress Cindy Lazo In the early hours of Monday, July 1, he posted a post on Instagram and alerted his followers that he had reported an illness. A serious accident caused severe injuries to his hands.

What happened?

In a carousel of pictures, actress Mimi Lazo’s daughter said it was an accident, the airbag ruptured and her hands were severely injured. However, he assures that he made up his mind after the accident Unless it’s a big deal, without going to the doctor for a check-up, As the days passed, he realized something that caught his attention.

“I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I thought they were just some scrapes. But as the days went by it didn’t stop and I started thinking ‘what if the pus got infected’. Well, they weren’t scratches, there was a burnt area and the same skin had formed a protective layer. wrote the winner of the reality show “Masterchef Latino”.

Encouraging message

Creole, who lives in Spain, affirms that professional diagnosis made her see the body’s healing and regenerative potential. Apart from that, he alleged that the situation taught him a lesson to lead an active life and change his eating habits.

“I started to cry, and I saw how my little hands were recovering, and there I saw the magic of our body, how perfect it is. It made me want to give the best to the body, to take care of it, to hug it and thank it. “I had to change my diet to help my body. know” He insisted.

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Similarly, he also called 584 My followers as eating habits They can be changed for the better and most importantly, don’t throw in the towel.