March 22, 2023

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China has begun large-scale military exercises around Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi’s tense visit

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image source, Hector Retamal / Getty

China began large-scale air and naval military exercises around Taiwan on Thursday, a show of force following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said the drills included live fire in the sea around Taiwan from noon (0400 GMT).

Today 12:00 PM to 7th August 12:00 PM A major military exercise of the People’s Liberation Army will take place,” CCTV said in a social media post that included a map of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Thursday that its military will continue to improve its alert status and respond appropriately to the “enemy situation.”

Its armed forces are monitoring the Taiwan Strait and the outer islands, and all of its troops are engaged in regular daily training, the defense statement added.

“The Ministry of National Defense insists that it upholds the policy of preparing for war with the attitude of not resorting to war and not escalating conflict or creating disputes,” he said.

Why did China behave like this?

Pelosi, the highest-ranking US official to land on the island of Taiwan in 25 years, made a brief but controversial visit last Tuesday.

China considers to Taiwan A breakaway province And the visit was taken as a violation of his “One China” policy.

image source, Anthony Kwan/Getty


Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was controversial and upset China and many of its supporters.

US Congresswoman Now in Seoul, In the South Korean capital, he met Kim Jin-pyo, chairman of the National Assembly.

For their part, Southeast Asian foreign ministers have warned that rising tensions over Taiwan could trigger open conflict.

Regional grouping ASEAN said recent developments would lead to A serious conflict Among the great powers.

America is at a crossroads. On the one hand, it recognizes Beijing’s “one China” policy, which recognizes one Chinese government. On the other hand, it maintains a “strong unofficial” relationship with the island, which includes selling arms to Taiwan for self-defense.

Risk of collision

Military exercises have been Beijing’s main response, although it has also blocked some trade with the island.

Trainings will be held Includes heavily traveled waterways and long-range live ammunition firingAccording to the Chinese government.

Taiwan says it amounts to a sea and air blockade, while the US says the exercises are an irresponsible move. They can get out of control.

image source, Hector Retamal / Getty


China’s military exercises will be held from this Thursday to next Sunday.

Director of the Center for International and Strategic Studies, analyst Bonnie Lin, told the BBC that Taiwan’s military would act cautiously, but still. There was a risk of conflict.

“For example, if China decides to fly planes into Taiwan’s airspace, there is a possibility that Taiwan will try to intercept them. And we could see a mid-air conflict, we could see different scenarios,” he said.

Several Taiwanese ministries have come under cyber attack in recent days.

Japan has raised concerns with China over areas covered by military exercises that overlap with its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

In response, Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Beijing did not accept Japan’s “alleged” EEZ.

image source, Hector Retamal / Getty


Tourists watch Chinese helicopters fly over Bington Island.

Analysis: Unprecedented exercises

By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes of BBC News in Taiwan

The announcement of six large exclusion zones around the island from this Thursday is threatening.

Beijing did the same thing in 1996, in the latest so-called “Taiwan Strait Crisis.” But then the exclusion zones were all far from Taiwan’s waters.

At this time, three of the six zones penetrate within Taiwan’s 12-mile border. Its Unprecedented. Taiwan’s defense ministry has already said the move violates UN conventions and amounts to an air and sea blockade against the island.

If China moves ships or aircraft into those areas, it is tantamount to an invasion of Taiwan. This means a lot more is at stake Taiwan may be forced to protect its own waters.

The US Navy is keeping a close eye on all of this and has already deployed the USS Ronald Reagan carrier battle group in the nearby Philippine Sea.

China and Taiwan: Fundamental Questions

Why do China and Taiwan have bad relations? China considers the autonomous island part of its territory and insists that it be annexed to the mainland by force if necessary.

Who recognizes Taiwan? Only a few countries recognize Taiwan and most recognize the Chinese government in Beijing. The US has no official relations with Taiwan, but has a law requiring the island to provide the means to defend itself.

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