December 10, 2023

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Chilean prosecutors will request the detention of undocumented foreigners.

(CNN Spanish) — Chile’s National Prosecutor’s Office said it will appoint a special team to investigate the murders in Santiago de Chile, and that all prosecutors handling the crimes will request that detained foreigners remain in custody until their identities are established.

The announcement was made Thursday by National Prosecutor Angel Valencia, who also expressed the need to advance “clearer and more precise” rules regarding the identification of undocumented aliens. “We have a serious problem that is impeding the investigation,” he said.

He made the statements during a Valencia press conference amid chaos in the country this week over the death of First Corporal Daniel Palma Yanez, a member of the Carabineros, who was shot during a traffic control operation.

Earlier, the prosecutor’s office asked for the public’s cooperation in finding two persons of “interest” who were allegedly Venezuelans in connection with Palma’s death, which included two other agents who died under similar circumstances within 30 days. , including a girl.

Regarding the announcement of the prosecutor’s office, Justice Minister Luis Cordero announced that his department will have a cooperation mechanism with the civil registry, despite warning that the number of prisoners in prisons has been gradually increasing over the past year. Pretrial custody.

President Gabriel Boric announced an annual investment of US$1.5 billion to strengthen police operations and investigative activities.

Daniel Palma Yáñez is a police officer who was assassinated this week. (Credit: @Carabdechile)

According to the Chilean system, each person is given a Unique National Character (RUN) when they are born or take up residence in the country. When a police officer detains a person alleged to have committed a crime, if he is not carrying his identity card or any official document, they will ask for his RUN or passport number.

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Police have an integrated system to track their papers and documents with that number.

With the approach announced by National Prosecutor Valencia, if the person turns out to be a foreigner, without documents and does not appear in the computer, the prosecutor’s office will request detention until their identity is established.