October 1, 2023

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Cartagena, tropical cyclone two in the Caribbean islands: Residents in the area capture the natural phenomenon before Hurricane Pony in Colombia | Video | San Andres Island | Bogota | CO | Colombia

This information is very important. A group of people and tourists from the Rosario Islands in the Insular Zone of Cartagena , Experienced panic for a moment after the appearance of two water jumps. Without a second thought, those at the scene recorded the event on their cameras and the pictures soon went viral on the internet.

The fears of the people there were heightened considering that the citizens would immediately associate this event with a tropical cyclone passing through the Caribbean Sea. However, fortunately for the residents of the area, neither of the two waters caused any damage.

In connection with the video, the Directorate General of Maritime, through its National Maritime Meteorological Service affiliated with the Caribbean Maritime and Hydrographic Research Center, pointed out that these waters have nothing to do with a powerful tropical cyclone.

It is important to note that these types of natural phenomena occur on a body of water, in this case the ocean. Unlike a hurricane, water rises above the clouds and takes the shape of a hurricane. Typically, these are one to two kilometers in diameter.

Pony hurricane in Colombia

According to the forecast, Dose will enter the southwestern Caribbean on Friday morning, near the La Guazira Peninsula in Colombia, as the NHC calls it.

The probability of a hurricane forming in 48 hours is 80% in the 48 hour forecast and 90% in the five day forecast. Also, heavy rains are expected in the Windward Islands and northeastern Venezuela and parts of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) from northwestern Venezuela and northeastern Colombia from Wednesday through Thursday, and there is a risk of flash flooding in some places. Areas.

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Coastal areas of Venezuela, including the Venezuelan islands of Margarita, Coca-Cola, Bonaire, Curaோao, Aruba, the Gulf of Venezuela from the Paraguayan Peninsula to the border with Colombia, are under tropical storm warning. And the Colombian coast from the Venezuelan border to Santa Marta. In addition, tropical storm monitoring (passing in 48 hours) is available off the coast of Venezuela from Peternalus to Kumana.

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