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Carlos Villegas, a paisa rescuer, who, along with his dog Delius, supported the search for children in Guavier.

Carlos Villegas, a paisa rescuer, who, along with his dog Delius, supported the search for children in Guavier.

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rescuer Carlos Villegas, member of the Civil Defense in Rionegro, Antioquia, After a long career as a nurse’s aide and dog trainer, she was one of many involved in the search and rescue of four children who wandered through the thick forest after forty days in the Guayar forest.

Villegas traveled to the woods of Yari on June 2, with a Belgian shepherd, the canine Tellius, one of his most loyal friends, of the same breed as Wilson, and with three years’ experience. Both were intended to support the mission of Operation Hope. “We arrived at Guerrier on Friday, went into the jungle on Saturday, and left yesterday.”

Carlos says he last saw Wilson on June 7. He was very restless that day, he was running back and forth, it seemed as if he was trying to communicate something to the group, and he did not allow himself to be “caught” by anyone. Also, Dellius says that every time his canine companion returns, he “squirms” and “begins to growl”. But don’t understand what it is.

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“We tried to play with the dog to get him to come, but the dog came back and went out. So what we decided was to report the guide (Wilson) who wasn’t there at the time to see if they could catch him. In addition, we brought her a hot dog. We made some suggestions to come so that she would suddenly be attracted to the smell and it would be easier to see her,” the lifeguard explained to Red+Noticeas.

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So at that point, they found a way to find the canine and they decided to continue their journey. Until the destination: Lesly Mucutuy (13 years old), Soleiny (9), Tien Noriel (5) and Cristin (who completed her first year in the middle of the jungle), Taking all the necessary safety measures, as Villegas explained, it is very easy to get lost because the line of sight is between 3 and 4 meters away.

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“Then you have to go with a guidance system, because you’re halfway back, you’re already lost. Besides, everything is poison, animals, snakes, so you can’t touch anything,” said the rescuer, who had already completed a week in the uninhabited forest.

A few hours before finding the children, some of the team members had to be taken out of the forest and they started to get sick, so he, along with his partner, both nursing professionals, gave them first aid along with the sick. Help.

“One had a punctured eye, another was bitten by a spider, another had bruises, another had a wound. It was time to inject, and 35 more had to be removed. In an interview with Red+, the lifeguard recounted the moments of tension that some of the men who took on the challenge of searching the Amazon jungle went through.

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The days were handled by four people, so that time gave them a square kilometer to search. But you actually walked 14 to 15 kilometers a day in that quadrangular world. You have to go and come back (…) I passed the dog through areas that didn’t fit, but the dog did. So I sent the dog around. He would go, search, he would spend all the time,” said Villegas, the days “started at six in the morning, in the afternoon we stopped to rest, we had lunch, we came back and started again, another different route”, concluded the Civil Defense of Rio Negro, Antioquia supported a week-long intensive search operation.

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There is still no word on Wilson’s whereabouts, so the effort will now be to track down the canine, who guided the tribal people and military forces for days until the children were found.