May 28, 2023

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Can Tom Cruise use his signature magic to save Tar from oblivion at the box office? | film

aObviously, we all know that something is wrong with the world of theatrical cinema. But no film has shed light on the issue quite like Tár, a film that seems so unstoppable critical buzz That Oscar glory seems almost certain, but it’s hardly ever been seen by anyone. So far, worldwide, fewer people have seen Tár than have seen Lyle, Lyle, and the Crocodile in its first two days of release. And Lyle, Lyle and Crocodile wasn’t a huge hit either.

However, that may all be about to change, because Tár manager Todd Field has just taken aim at an unsafe publicity strategy. That’s right, he takes credit Tom Cruise With a huge amount of his success.

in Recent interview with The New YorkerField brings Cruz twice. The first case comes when he talks about Eyes Wide Shut, scoring a small role. According to the interview, Field approached the shoot as a kind of director’s camp, following Stanley Kubrick and asking him technical questions. This caught Tom Cruise’s attention. Cruz took Field to dinner and said, “You’re going to make movies.” Field held off mentioning a short story he probably wouldn’t win the rights to, and Cruz replied “You’re just making excuses.” Find out.He did, and thus began his journey as a director.

Better than that, though, Field also revealed that Cruise went to great lengths to protect his 2001 film In the Bedroom from the clutches of Harvey Weinstein. The story is this: Miramax bought In the Bedroom and then, as was typical of Weinstein, butchered it in post-production. Disturbed by Weinstein’s brutality, Field Cruz called out. And Cruz provided an organized, long-term blueprint for saving the film.

He basically said, ‘This is how you’re going to play. It’s going to take six months, and you’re going to beat it, but you’ve got to do exactly what I’m going to tell you to do, step by step,” Field says of Cruise. The plan, in short, was to let Harvey Weinstein edit the movie as much as he wanted, and then wait until it was badly tested, as Almost predictably, before being reminded of all the good reviews it received in its original form, the plan worked, and In the Bedroom both became a profit and earned a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards the following year.

So, for anyone scoring the score, Tom Cruise is the man who convinced Todd Field to let go of his fear and meet his destiny as a filmmaker. And Tom Cruise is the man who ensured Todd Field would become a much-loved, rather than yet another nameless director getting crushed under the wheels of the quirky Herve Weinstein. And now, simply by getting his name into his publicity campaign, Tom Cruise may be the man who will help Todd Field put Tár on the seemingly insurmountable path to returning his production budget.

Not only does this make Tom Cruise look like a good guy and a powerful ally in the industry, but it also creates the startling possibility of Cruise being there to help Todd Field out of trouble. Perhaps, the next time Todd Field stumbles home from the supermarket dropping fruit all over a busy road, Tom Cruise will lunge out of nowhere and stop the surrounding traffic from crashing into him. Or, perhaps, if Tár somehow doesn’t win any Oscars this year, Tom Cruise will skydive through the roof like Batman and virtually change the winner’s name on the envelope with nothing but the power of his own mind. Because, as we all find out, that’s just the Tom Cruise type of guy.

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