July 17, 2024

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Breath of the Wild YouTube

Breath of the Wild YouTube

YouTuber and Speedrunner Eric “PointCrow” Moreno released a Brand new multiplayer mod to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild On April 4th, it basically turns the hit 2017 Switch game into a modern, open-world version of the Favorite co-op zelda spin off Four Swords Adventures. Two days later, Moreno says Nintendo hit him with claims of copyright infringement, demonetizing some of his biggest YouTube videos.

Incredibly frustrated that Nintendo of America decided to ban my videos Breath of the Wild,” he He tweeted on April 6. “It is the love of the community and the innovation we bring to it that has kept it alive and brought in new people to love it.” zelda series. I hope you will reverse your decision soon.” Morino also shared a screenshot of several of his videos on YouTube, including videos showing gameplay footage from the multiplayer mode, indicating that they were flagged due to copyright issues.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Publishers confirm they have Full ownership and control on any video produced from their games, but they rarely seek to penalize YouTubers and other content creators for sharing and possibly profiting from it online. In fact, most companies go out of their way to promote sharing screenshots and screenshots from their games to help spread awareness, increase sales, and grow a community of passionate fans.

When it comes to social media content around Propeller projects and their modificationHowever, Nintendo is one company that often backtracks hard. Late last year, the Switch manufacturer stalked a YouTube documentary about an abandoned demo of the Switch. zelda Accidental tactics seek to obtain It has been removed from the Google platform. The creators were eventually able to appeal the decision and reversible.

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In response to Morino’s post, several other great content creators got involved. “Not good for them considering they will be releasing a new game soon and many creators will publicize it further and may choose not to make videos about it,” he wrote. kittyplays. “Nintendo has figured out that fans have fun and they can’t have fun,” he wrote. LostPause. “It’s sad considering how much love and effort you gave them and what about that.”

Breath of the Wild It is the fourth best selling game on the Switch, and has remained relevant for years after its release in part because New discoveries, tricks and adventures pulled by people like Moreno. Outside of the recent multiplayer, it has drawn millions of extra eyeballs into the game with outlandish runs like The link gets bigger Each time the A button is pressed, or Try to beat the game While both the hardest random mode and map change are very difficult traces of the past The mod is active.

Moreno did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but tweeted that he is currently appealing the decision with YouTube. “So far,[thevideosarestillvisibletoallviewershowevertheyhavenotbeenmonetized”hewrote[لاتزالمقاطعالفيديومرئيةلكلمشاهدتها،ومعذلك،لميتمتحقيقالدخلمنها””آملأنتغفلNintendoعنهذهالادعاءات،حيثأقومبتحويلعملهمبشكلكبيرومقاطعالفيديوالخاصةبيتخضعللاستخدامالعادل”[thevideosarestillvisibleforyoutowatch—howevertheyarenotmonetized”hewrote“HopefullyNintendoreleasestheseclaimsasIsignificantlytransformtheirworkandmyvideosareunderfairuse”