December 11, 2023

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Braves vs. Diamondbacks – Game Summary – May 31, 2022

Braves vs.  Diamondbacks - Game Summary - May 31, 2022

Phoenix – – Cooper Hamill He tore up some base balls early in the game that flew off his racket at over 100mph. They were outs.

Then in the 10th inning, he got jammed and hit a small buoy in the right field. It was a double win.

“The game is strange in that respect,” Hamill said.

And on Tuesday night, it was a happy ending for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hummel’s decisive double of the game landed fairly down the right line and gave quarterback D an 8-7 win from the back over the Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta led 6-2 in sixth, but Arizona recovered with two runs in the sixth and one in the eighth. Linebacker D tied the match on day 9 dalton farshawsacrifice fly Kenley JanssenWho blew his third tackle in 15 chances.

The brave recovered quickly. Dansby Swanson The tenth inning started as the auto runner on second base and was driving home Marcel Ozunawhose odds made him 7-6.

But there was another run in Arizona. David PeraltaOne record out of one Jake McCarthy to hook it into 7.

Then it was Hamill’s turn. The rookie was injury-free on four strokes before swinging the double-clutch, which didn’t hit particularly hard but drifted over the field and landed fairly as the brooding braves marched off the field.

“This team is really resilient,” Hamill said. “We grind at bats, we grind at toys. If it’s not one person, it’s the next man.”

Mark Melancon (1-5) I got the win. jackson stevens (1-2) Take the loss.

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Big day loss ruined by Atlanta Matt Olsonwho hit Homer twice in the fourth game and doubled it in the fifth.

The Braves leapt forward 3-2 in the fourth over Olson’s sixth of the year, a blazing 113-mph shot at the team’s ball down the line behind the right field wall. He had another key hit in fifth, driving a full-count fast ball into the left center gap that netted Ronald Akuna Jr. and Ozuna and gave Braves a 5-2 lead.

The Braves were hurt by some blunders: Acuña was sent off trying to extend a double into a triple, and Ozuna was sent off a third on a tenth when trying to go into extra base.

“We didn’t play well enough to win,” Braves coach Brian Sneeker said. “We killed ourselves in the foot. We didn’t play a good game. We did many things to hurt ourselves.”

Atlanta writer Charlie Morton He gave up four runs over five innings.

Olson’s big successes are reminiscent of his first few weeks in the Braves uniform, when he did better than .300 for most of April. The Braves acquired the 28-year-old in an unofficial deal with A’s and was the first baseman with the unenviable mission of taking over the franchise icon Freddy Freemanwho signed with the Dodgers.

The Diamondbacks lead early 2-0 Christian WalkerHomer bi-operated in the first. Walker finished with three hits and a walk. Arizona pitcher staring Humberto Castellanos He gave up five runs over 4 and 2/3 runs.

Arizona Kettle Mart He extended his hitting streak to 13 games with one in the ninth. Farshaw scored three times.

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Arizona coach Tori Lovolo said, “This team has a great heart, a great fight and they are hungry. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, because there is a long way to go, but this is a victory we will enjoy.”

all or nothing

At his current pace, Walker could become the first player in MLB history to reach under 0.200 and have 40 Homers in a single season. He got a boost with three-hit night on Tuesday but still only hit 0.208 with 13 homers. Linebackers D played just under a third of their schedule.

Joey Gallo He holds the record for most replies while hitting under 0.200, hitting 38 long balls in 2021 while hitting 0.199 during time with the Rangers and Yankees.

next one

The two teams concluded their three-game series on Wednesday afternoon. D-Back LHP . will start appearing Madison Baumgarner (2-3, 3.35 ERA) on the hill. The brave will fend off with RHP Kyle Wright (4-3.2.68).