November 26, 2022

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‘Brandon Staley – getting closer’ chargers to Kenan Allen after a critical tweet

'Brandon Staley - getting closer' chargers to Kenan Allen after a critical tweet

COSTA MESA, CA – Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley expressed no second thoughts about his late-game decision, which came fourth the day before, which almost came costly in the 30-28 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Staley also said that he has since met the captain and a broad future Kenan Allenwho was at home treating a hamstring injury, when he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “We’re doing WTF” moments after Staley’s decision.

Clinging to a two-point lead at FirstEnergy with 1:14 to play, Staley chose to go for it in fourth and 1 of Bolts’ 46 yard streak. Midfielder Justin Herbert’s pass to a wide receiver Mike Williams fell incomplete. With 1:10 left, Brown took over and advanced the ball 10 yards before kicking Kid York He missed a potential field goal at 54 yards.

“Since I became the head coach, we have become very close,” Staley said of Allen. “We met this morning. Anyone who’s been a part of the competition knows that when you’re not a part of it, you can kind of feel the way. Kenan’s heart is with me, with us. I understand where he was at that moment because he’s not with his team or in the fire, that’s money.” Who used to be there… We’ll get closer because of that. We got even closer this morning.”

Allen, the 10th-year professional and the Bullets’ party leader since 2017, has been out since week two and is still “day by day,” according to Staley, on his return from a hamstring injury he sustained in the inaugural season.

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The Chargers (3-2) will play the Denver Broncos (2-3) at SoFi Stadium on Monday Night Football.

Despite scrutiny from Allen and critics, ESPN’s winning probability model agreed with Staley’s decision to go for it in fourth place on Sunday.

The win rate for going to gambling was 84.1%, while the win rate was 78.9%.

“There will be some decision that some of the majority will not agree with,” Staley said. “You just have to be convinced of what you believe in and also be transparent about your process, and not feel defensive or insecure about it.”

Chargers are 5 of 11 in Class 4 transfers this season (45.5%, ranked 19th in the NFL).

Last season, in Staley’s first training as head coach, Bolts turned the league’s highest level 22 times in fourth in 34 attempts (64.7%, ranked fourth).

“That’s not a surprise,” he said, backing away Austin Eckler, who collected 199 all-purpose yards on Sunday, from Staley’s decision to go for it. “I mean, Brandon Staley is still what we’re talking about here and we saw everything we were doing last year and so he showed up at this moment where he believed in us. He said we’re having some good success and he gave us a chance to go get one yard and we got a mansion.”

The Chargers gained a season high of 465 yards against Brown, which included a 10-time season high versus 134 for wide receiver Mike Williams, who was a target in fourth.

“We wanted to end that game with our attack on the pitch,” Staley said. “They played a game. We loved the game outside and that felt like the best decision we had at the time.”

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Monday, defensive line Sebastian Joseph Daywhich was part of a major off-season shift for the Bolts defense that included hasty-edge additions Khalil Mac and Cornerback JC JacksonHe did not have reservations about choosing Staley to give the attack one last chance instead of betting and relying on defense to win the match.

“At the end of the day, coach Staley makes the decisions because he’s the coach and he knows,” said Joseph Day. “I would never question this guy. I would never question his decisions because he had a reason. That’s why he’s the head coach… I’ll ride with him regardless.”

The Browns ran five plays before attempting a field goal from 54 yards. quarterback Jacobi Brisset Was 1 out of 4 for 10 yards and running backward cream hunt It was stopped without profit by Derwin James in the series.

“The way we played our attack in that match gave me complete confidence in the match and the way our defense was defending in the passing match, the quick kick, all those good things. I mean that factored in,” Staley said. “But we trusted we were going to play a play, and that was the decision I made and I felt it was the right decision.”