March 22, 2023

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Bolsonaro has sparked controversy in Brazil after comments about Venezuelan youth

The president has insisted in past statements that young migrants sell their bodies in poor neighborhoods in Brasilia.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s comments about some Venezuelan teenagers causing discomfort on social networks forced the president to make a live broadcast earlier this Sunday. .

Last Friday, in a “podcast”, the Brazilian leader talked about the life of Venezuelans in Brazil and recalled that he visited São Sebastião, a poor area in Brasilia in 2021, and met many teenagers between 14 and 15 years old.

Bolsonaro said that “a climate” had been created for contact with young women, which he insisted was the exposure, according to the press, of the girls themselves.

“I was in Brasilia, in the community of São Sebastião, if I’m not mistaken, one Saturday, on a motorcycle (…) I stopped the motorcycle in a corner, took off my helmet and saw some girls, three, four, beautiful, 14, 15 years, arrangement ,” he commented.

He continued: “I saw that they looked a bit alike. A climate developed and I returned. ‘Can I come into your house?’ in the middle. One Saturday morning 15, 20 women were getting ready in Venezuela.

And he asked: “Beautiful girls, 14, 15 years old, getting ready on a Saturday, for what? To make a life?”.

“Does your daughter, who doesn’t ask here now, want it? How did you get to that point? With false results”, he commented on the possibility of PT’s leader Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva winning the election.

Bolsonaro, furious

Less than two weeks into the second round of the presidential election, Bolsonaro’s words were dismissed on social networks — with many accusing him of pedophilia — and among his opponents, prompting the president to intervene.

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“The PT has exceeded all limits,” said Bolsonaro, who denounced the opposition formation for “interfering” in his personal life and “barbarizing”. The President explained that he went to the home of the young women with other people and that his team published the meeting.

“I have always fought against pedophilia, I have always opposed the Venezuelan regime, and I go with pain to the suffering of the families who left Venezuela for Brazil,” said an angry Bolsonaro.

In a petition to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), his campaign team condemned the speech as “grossly out of context”.

The president of the TSE, Alexander de Moraes, decided that both Lula and other members of the PT should remove from their networks pieces in which Bolsonaro talks about young women and other content related to the issue.

Amid the controversy, the first debate between Lula and Bolsonaro took place on Sunday night ahead of the October 30 vote.

When it came to the debate, Bedista limited himself to saying the president “acted in bad faith” with the girls. For his part, Bolsonaro criticized the accusations as “a cowardly and vulgar way to practice pedophilia.”

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