May 24, 2022

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Bill Maher says Jada Pinkett Smith is “lucky” just to have Alopecia

Bill Maher says Jada Pinkett Smith is "lucky" just to have Alopecia

HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” handled the infamous Oscar slap Friday night, with the namesake host saying Jada Pinkett Smith should “thank God.” Alopecia areata It’s the worst thing to deal with.

“If you’re so lucky in life that this is your medical problem, just say ‘Thank God,'” Maher shouted to his guests, attorney Laura Coats and former presidential candidate and New York City mayor Andrew Yang.

“It’s not life-threatening. It’s part of — for most people, 80 percent of men, 50 percent of women — it’s part of aging.”

“Aging is, believe me I know, it is the deterioration of the body. This happens to all of us,” the 66-year-old political comedian added.

“You know, wear a wig like everyone else at the Oscars if it bothers you too much.”

“You know, just wear a wig like everyone else at the Oscars if it bothers you too much,” Maher said of Smith.
Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube

Maher said Will Smith Viral Hit Kris Rock Because of a joke about bald Pinkett Smith that exposed ugly “aspects of society,” such as “toxic masculinity, victim culture, and liberal hypocrisy,” he claimed that most Americans associate the Academy Awards with the Democratic Party and coastal elites.

Guests of the left-leaning comic agreed that they were saddened that a theater full of “awakened” movie stars would stand up and applaud Smith’s Cup moments for Best Actor after his attack.

“I remember, as a prosecutor, a fair number of assault and battery and they wouldn’t stand idly by and say, ‘No no, I’ve got the rest of my kid’s soccer game, I have to stay for this,’” Coates said.

Jada Pinkett Smith in a green dress at the 2022 Oscars
Jada Pinkett Smith has been open about hair loss since 2018.

“So the fact that it was there to be like ‘This is my prize’ in and of itself was shocking, not to mention a warm welcome.”

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Yang said he thought Smith would have thicker skin.

“I feel it is part of the job of a global celebrity attending an awards show to soak up the slightest insults directed at you and you,” said the businessman-turned-Democrat.

“I ran for office and people said things around me that I didn’t like and I didn’t stand up and hit anyone.”

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars
Will Smith resigned from the Academy on Friday after slapping comedian Chris Rock at an awards ceremony.