July 24, 2024

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Ben Potter, the YouTuber known as the comedian, has died at the age of 40

Ben Potter, the YouTuber known as the comedian, has died at the age of 40

Ben Potter, the popular YouTube personality who gained millions of followers with his dramatic readings of comic books, died on Saturday. He was 40 years old.

His wife, Natalie Potter, confirmed his death statement on social media, saying Mr Potter had “died in an unfortunate accident”. No details were provided.

Denver Post later mentioned He died in a car accident near Fort Collins, Colorado, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

Mr. Potter, who posted under the account name Comic author, has built a dedicated fanbase of over 3 million subscribers on YouTube by editing together comic stills and narrating feats of super-power and battles between enemies, such as Batman and the Joker. Some of his videos focused on the short story. Others spanned the entire gamut.

for him Most popular video, released in 2018, features the Injustice comics, telling an alternate reality in which Superman descends into villainy. The dramatic show lasts more than two and a half hours and has achieved more than 20 million views on YouTube. Throughout the video, Mr. Potter’s voice rises and falls with the movement, adding an energy that the written word alone cannot provide.

His wife added in the statement that the comedy channel will continue to be managed by her and the work team.

Mr. Potter successfully connects competing universes, such as Marvel and DC, with his curiosity and attention to the subtleties of the genre. He brought a high level of craftsmanship to his videos, introducing many of his fans to the world of comics they wouldn’t have known otherwise.

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“If you love superhero movies but have never dabbled in paperback comics or can’t afford them, like me, his YouTube channel is perfect for you,” one person posted on Reddit Under an article about the death of Mr. Potter. “His enthusiasm was always contagious.”

Ben Potter was born on May 18, 1984 to Arthur and Michelle Potter, and grew up in Rhode Island.

Comicstorian started in 2014 as an offshoot of Eligible monster, another YouTube channel run by Mr. Potter and his team that focuses on video game lore. in First post At Comicstorian, Mr. Potter explained that creating separate channels would allow for more content on a broader spectrum of comics and detailed analysis of fictional universes.

“We didn’t want to flood our video game channel with it, and scare off all the video game nerds, so we wanted to create a channel for comic book nerds,” he wrote. “We’re obsessed with comics, and we want you to be too.”

In addition to Comicstorian and Elegible Monster, Mr. Potter has contributed to a podcast and YouTube channel covering manga, among other projects.

A complete list of survivors was not immediately available.

In his latest video, posted on June 7, Mr. Potter discussed his new appreciation for DC comics reboots — an unpopular opinion in some corners of the internet. He went on to announce a new channel, Comicstorian Classic, which he said would focus on stories that might not reach a large number of people because the characters weren’t as popular. However, he said they deserve the same attention.

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“I want to cover this stuff because I just enjoy the world of comics,” he said.