November 27, 2022

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Automatic extension of work permit for 540 days for immigrants to the United States

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Citizenship and Immigration Services United States (USCIS) announced this Tuesday that the automatic extension of work permits will be extended to 540 days, which will benefit many immigrants living in the country, including Venezuelan citizens.

“The increase, which will take effect immediately from May 4, 2022, will help close gaps in employment for non-citizens through pending EAD renewal applications and ensure business continuity for U.S. employers,” the statement said. Official website From USCIS.

USCIS Director Urm said the extension would allow eligible immigrants to retain employment and provide support to their families while at the same time avoiding further disruption to employers. Jato said.

This measure currently only applies to types of work permits that are eligible for an automatic extension of up to 180 days. That is, an additional period of up to 360 days, up to a total of 540 days, will be provided temporarily with an extension of time to eligible applicants.

“This deadline will enable USCIS to address staff shortages, implement additional capabilities, and achieve the recently announced goal of achieving a three-month rotation time for work permit applications by the end of FY23,” the company noted.

From October 27, 2023, for eligible applicants who file Form I-765 renewal applications in a timely manner, automatic extensions of employment recognition and work permit validity will return up to 180 days.

Automatic extension will usually end with the announcement of the final termination of the renewal application or up to a period of up to 540 days.

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