May 28, 2023

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Argentina defends rebuilding diplomatic relations with Venezuela

The Argentine government has asked young people not to leave the country in times of crisis
Argentina defends decision to rebuild diplomatic relations with Venezuela Photo: EFE

Argentina’s foreign minister, Santiago Kafiro, on Tuesday backed Alberto Fernandez’s government’s decision to “rebuild” diplomatic relations with Venezuela, saying there were human rights abuses in the country as well as in other countries in the region.

“We had an incumbent, and now we are going to get an ambassador. (…) We want to move forward in rebuilding diplomatic relations with that country,” Kafiro said before the Argentine Senate Foreign Relations Commission.

The Argentine embassy in Venezuela has been in the hands of those in charge since 2015, when the government of Mauricio Macri cut diplomatic ties.

Argentina is betting on diplomatic relations with Venezuela

The Fernandez government has nominated Oscar Labor to become ambassador to Venezuela.

Kafiro confirmed that this was something.Very harmful Lose that relationship with Venezuela during the Macri government, because “Argentina lost access to first-class information.”

As well as “liaise with Argentines living in Venezuela and Argentine businesses growing businesses there.”

On the other hand, Cafiero supported the position expressed by Fernandez on April 18 regarding the situation in Venezuela and created rejection in the opposition sectors of both countries and concerns on the part of humanitarian organizations.

Over time the problems disappeared

When Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso visited Buenos Aires and appeared before the press, Fernandes commented that many of Venezuela’s problems were “dissolving over time”, in part, thanks to the work of the United Nations High Commissioner. Human rightsAgreements reached within the framework of the International Liaison Committee on Michelle Bachelet and Venezuela.

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“What the president has taken is what the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has said. “There has been progress in Venezuela,” Kafiro said Tuesday.

Although “really has a long way to go”, the foreign minister said Venezuela had “progressed from an electoral perspective”.

Human rights violation

In another part of his appearance in the Senate, even before a parliamentarian’s specific question about Argentina’s position, Kafiro said there were human rights violations in Venezuela, although there were other countries in the region.

“There are human rights violations in Venezuela. There are also human rights violations in Colombia. Human rights violations took place in Chile. There are human rights violations in our country, ”he said.

“We must not be mad at either, otherwise all we do is repeat a framework of dominant press blaming only two or three countries,” he added.

Cafiero recalled that Argentina made “recommendations” last February within the framework of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the “need to make progress in improving human rights policy” in Venezuela.

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