June 27, 2022

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Argentina captures Venezuelan plane with Iranian personnel

Venezuelan flight to Argentina
Venezuelan flight / photo taken in Argentina: Infobe

The Argentine government kept a cargo plane motionless with the Venezuelan flag, but it was owned by a company. IranApproved by the United States and carried about five Iranian team members and about a dozen Venezuelans.

Official PSA sources said Infobe “Their passports have been withheld and they can only leave the country on the scheduled flight.”

Emtrasur’s Boeing 747-3B3 (M) model aircraft landed at Cordoba Airport on Monday due to fog in Buenos Aires, but later landed at Ezeiza International Airport. They were waiting for him with intelligence provided by various international agencies.

Holding a Venezuelan plane in Argentina

However, the PSA, Customs, Immigration and PFA intervened in the joint operation. “It took auto parts for an auto company, the inventory was checked several times, but nothing strange was found, it was released,” a senior PSA source said.

Nonetheless, some members of the Iranian group have accused the Goods of being part of the Islamist Revolutionary Guards Force, which specializes in military intelligence operations.

“They are staying temporarily. At this time they can only leave the country on a regular flight, but they cannot board the Emtrasur flight,” he explained. Infobe An official source. At the same time, he highlighted regional coordination with the governments of Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Travel hypothesis

Among the hypotheses handled by the authorities, the Buenos Aires trip would be “a route-identifying test.”

The Uruguay flight attempted to depart on Wednesday afternoon to refuel to return to Venezuela. However, the government decided to close the airspace and prevented the maneuver. For this reason, he returned to Ezeiza.

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“They came from Mexico and contracted with a broker to load the fuel, but they abandoned it along the way. At that time, neither YPF nor Shell was going to load the fuel,” one source explained.

Until recently, the aircraft was monitored by several international agencies as it was owned by the Iranian airline Mahan Air. It is subject to restrictions by the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. “He was in Paraguay fifteen days ago and is said to have taken cigarettes to Aruba,” said an official who oversaw the operation.

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