July 18, 2024

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Argentina avoided condemning Nicaragua’s situation with a shameful statement

Argentina avoided condemning Nicaragua’s situation with a shameful statement
Alberto Fernandez-la Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega A few years later he received a new position as President of Nicaragua Elections Controversially, various world leaders have expressed their rejection of this as illegal. After several hours of silence, the Argentine government revealed itself in a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry. There he expressed his “concern” but avoided condemning what was happening in Central America.

On the contrary, Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) rejected the elections in that country with a speech because “its sole purpose is to silence the will of the Nicaraguan people and keep the dictators Ortega and Murillo in power.”

“We reiterate the arrest of opposition leaders and the need for the Nicaraguan government to respect the human rights of the people as a whole,” the statement said.

However, the Foreign Ministry insisted that it would maintain a “diplomatic tradition of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.” He added: “We understand that democracy in Argentina is about ideological diversity and the value of the contribution of citizens without restrictions. We need to move with the people of Nicaragua so that they can restore dialogue and democratic coexistence as soon as possible.

Through this statement, Argentina reaffirmed its “historic commitment to the protection of human rights” and “firm support for the mission of the United Nations High Commissioner to Nicaragua, Michelle Bachelet.”

The former president of Chile, before the Human Rights Council in Switzerland, had said that the “government” of Nicaragua “needed to reassure all Nicaraguans of the full exercise of their civil and political rights”; Harassment of the opposition, the press and civil society will be stopped.

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Diplomatic sources say “Argentina is questioning the outcome of the electoral process in Nicaragua and reiterating its concerns over the arrest and political ban of opposition leaders.”

“However, at the same time it maintains a tradition of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, as has been explicitly stated in official communications,” the spokesman added.

“Our country does not sever ties with Nicaragua and maintains a position of condemnation of physical and financial sanctions that aggravate the suffering of its people,” they clarified.

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