July 14, 2024

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Apple targets 10% growth in new iPhone shipments: BPG

Apple targets 10% growth in new iPhone shipments: BPG

Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares rose after Report from Bloomberg Apple has revealed its goal of shipping 10% of new iPhones in 2024. The growth will include a push into AI-powered technology as the tech giant begins rolling out Apple Intelligence features in new devices. Apple also reported 20% year-over-year growth in PC shipments in the second quarter.

market dominance Josh Lipton And Julie Heyman Analyze Apple’s latest developments and what they could mean for the company in the future.

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This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

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We want to get to a one-way indicator.

It is one of the technology stocks with a huge market capitalization.

It’s Apple.

Shares are up 1.4% today and are trading at a record high.

This comes amid a report that the company aims to ship at least 10% more new iPhones in 2024.

According to Bloomberg.

This growth will, of course, be welcomed by the tech giant after a slowdown in 2023.

And as we talked about a little bit yesterday, some analyst research was pointing in this direction.

At least part of it will be driven by myself, it seems.



According to Bloomberg, citing sources, Apple is talking about a growth of about 10% in shipments of the new iPhone.

Well, if this report is true, it seems that Apple is relatively confident about these new AI-powered phones.

Well, Bloomberg is right when he points out that there is a caveat here.

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Apple already had an easier comparison process here because the company had a more difficult second half of 2023.

There are some other questions too about.

Do you know exactly how?

This is all happening in China.

Umm, where there are restrictions.

How could this impact Apple’s attempts to integrate AI into new products?

But, listen, Apple stock went up today and is now up about 20% this year.

Well, the interesting thing here again is that this is Apple’s plan.

Now, you probably know this better than this, but is Apple really that good at predicting demand when it makes shipping plans?

Well, it’s always difficult because there are so many options available.

I mean, again, obviously that gives, you know, a boost of confidence as you can see here.

I think the interesting thing here is the I technique.

I mean, the big thing here.

What they’re selling is actually a new and improved version of Siri, right?

This is really the big selling point in some ways.

And Syria has often been, as you know, subjected to a lot of criticism, right?

So, to the extent that we listen to Dan Haley, we have to call in the tech experts there to really review the product and see if it lives up to the bill.

But if that’s the case, this is how people will react to JA I.

So, if it lives up to expectations, it could be a really big deal.

And listen, if you’re bullish on the stock, this is what you’re banking on.

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You believe that this A. You have enabled the iPhone which will trigger a meaningful upgrade cycle.

Well, that’s interesting too, because that’s going to be a little topic.

I realized on our show today we were going to talk to the CEO of an AI company that specializes in voice a little bit about who is offering things like this in some vehicles?

Well, we’ll also talk about Amazon’s Rufus, a first-generation A-booted interactive robot.

I think we’ll call it that.

As you know, there is more.

It’s not just Apple.


There are a lot of companies trying this now.

I think there’s a big question that still remains about how consumers will receive this particular product.

And, um, you know, we’ll find out that this is what you know, but you’re right to point that out, because this is what investors are waiting for, kind of handing over the baton, and like okay, talking about marketing, let’s see.

Real usage.

Let’s see the real profit.


And don’t argue with Siri about which directions you want to take, for example.