August 9, 2022

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Angels vs Mariners: A team brawl and eight expulsions overshadow L.A.’s win over Seattle

Angels vs Mariners: A team brawl and eight expulsions overshadow L.A.'s win over Seattle

With the Mariners already feeling aggrieved that the previous pitch thrown by Andrew Wantz was close to Julio Rodriguez’ head, Wentz hit Jesse Wintz on the hip.

This sparked angry scenes as a grumpy Wanker made his way toward the Angels seat, emptying both seats and eventually leading to eight expulsions.

“Maybe it shouldn’t have happened in the game…what happened there today,” Seattle coach Scott Service told reporters.

“Emotions run high, but it was pretty clear what was going on. They turned, put an opener in there to throw some balls at us. It just got out of hand from there, and it was kind of a black eye.”

There was a delay of about 20 minutes before play resumed and Angels coach Phil Nevin said eight matches in 11 days between these two teams contributed to the “ugly” scenes.

“Look, you play eight games in a week against the same team, things like this happen,” Nevin said. “The schedule, the tensions, that’s baseball at times, unfortunately.

“There are some ugly mishaps from time to time. I think that’s exactly what happened today.”

Winker was far from remorseful about his role in the melee, but did offer his apologies to fans after cameras spotted him putting his middle fingers on them as he left the field.

“The only thing I will apologize for is the heart of the fans,” he said. “That’s it. As fans, they spend their hard-earned money to come and watch us play a game, and they don’t deserve it, so I apologize to the fans, especially the women and children.”

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The Angels eventually secured a 2-1 victory after Luis Rengevo scored a home run to equalize the match and David McKinnon scored one goal in the seventh inning.