November 27, 2022

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Andrew Benintende to undergo Hamat surgery

Andrew Benintende to undergo Hamat surgery

Yankees player Andrew Benintende Hook fracture of the femur and will require surgery, Director Aaron Bon Tells’s Brian Hoch. Benintende is already on the list of injured for 10 days, after he was placed there yesterday.

The club has yet to provide an estimated timeline for Benintende’s recovery process, but it is bound to be significant no matter what time of year it is. There are just over four weeks left in the regular season schedule, which doesn’t leave much time for the player to go through the process of recovering from the procedure and getting back into game form. Despite their recent slump, the Yankees are still in a strong position to make the playoffs and get a goodbye after the first round, as they edge five games over the Reese and 10 1/2 of the main position guards. That would give Benintende more time to come back, especially if the Yankees can win a playoff round or two, but it remains unclear if that is in the cards. huh pass Word from Benintende himself, who says he will still speak to some specialists but believes he could be back before the end of the regular season.

Acquired from the royal family just before the deadline, Benintendi had the .302/.371/.397 record of the year between the two. This offensive production is 22% better than the league’s batting average this year, as evidenced by 122 wRC+. That vigorous campaign was put on hold on Friday night, when he left Benintende in palpable pain after hurting himself in a hammock.

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In the past two games without Penintende, Yank used an outside space of Aaron JudgeAnd the Oswaldo Cabrera And the Aaron Hickswith other options like Stephen FlorealAnd the Marwin Gonzalez And the Tim Lucastro On the seat. Harrison Bader And the Matt Carpenter She could join the club in the future, but neither of them are particularly close. Bader, acquired by Cardinals on the trade deadline, is advancing toward a rehab task. Carpenter went to IL a few weeks ago with a broken foot and is still hoping to return at some point. But in the short term, internal options will probably have to do just that.

The Yankees appeared to be dropping out with AL East for most of the year, leading by as much as 15 1/2 games in July. Poor performances in recent weeks have seen his lead slipped to less than four games coming today, despite their defeat to the Rays to extend it to five games. This means that the final weeks of the season will be more important than they seemed not so long ago.