December 10, 2023

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ANDHRA: Venezuela government and opposition agree to create social fund

It will cost around 3,000 million dollars and will be financed mainly with the frozen resources of the Venezuelan state in Europe.

Venezuela’s government and opposition are preparing to resume talks in Mexico in the coming days that were suspended a year ago, with the creation of a United Nations-managed social fund.

After the parties’ compromise in Paris, President Nicolas Maduro and opposition representatives hope to restart talks this month by creating a “social solidarity fund,” two sources familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. Associated Press. On condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to make statements.

The social fund, about $3,000 million, will be financed mainly with the frozen resources of the Venezuelan state in Europe, and will be entirely available to attend to health and food programs and the deteriorating public electricity system.

Sources of funds are planned to be released over a period of three years, but disbursements are subject to the progress of projects. The fund will be administered by the United Nations, but will have monitors from the government and opposition.

The creation of the fund, which the parties have been discussing for two months, is seen as a gesture of good faith to promote a new round of talks between Maduro’s representatives and the opposition, facilitated by Norway and supported by many others. Governments..

Other themes

As part of the new round of talks, political guarantees, including the extension of US oil giant Chevron’s operating license and conditions for the next elections, the release of political prisoners and the release of political prisoners, are expected to be discussed. Political disqualification.

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Colombian President Gustavo Pedro on Friday expressed his support for rapprochement between representatives of the Maduro government and the opposition to resume talks that have been suspended in Mexico since October last year.

“Undoubtedly there is progress, the development of negotiating tables in Mexico, which this group supports,” Pedro told reporters in Paris, adding that during interventions by Venezuelan representatives, it was clear that the political conflict in Venezuela had been resolved. Possible, especially taking into account that it “does not produce such a violent effect on its interior as in other countries in which we have to live.”

Gerardo Blyde, head of the opposition delegation, indicated that there was no date yet for the resumption of talks in Mexico, but expressed his desire “to do so as soon as possible.”

Blight thanked the French president for his efforts to promote dialogue and his commitment to democracy. Beyond that hope, he insisted, “Macron understands that solutions must be found” and that “we cannot be static in a photograph.”

“The world is changing and needs to be,” he added.

Also present were Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and a representative of the Norwegian government, one of the guarantors of the talks in Mexico.

Pedro urged the leaders of the Venezuelan delegation to help “defuse the political conflict.”

He listed the points Caracas needed to advance: “Venezuela’s entry into the Inter-American Human Rights Organization, amnesty, lifting of the general embargo on the Venezuelan economy, guaranteeing all troops there by 2024. The revelation is that the sovereign people of Venezuela will decide.

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