June 29, 2022

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An information can be devastating to parents and put pressure on the police

Daily Mail- Madeleine McCann Case: An Important Fact Can Destroy Her Parents And Put Pressure On The Police.

Madeleine McCann On May 3, 2007, Priya da Loos was reported missing while on holiday with her family in Algarve, Portugal.

Investigations suggest he may have been abducted by German pedophile Christian Bruckner, who is serving a sentence for raping a 72-year-old American woman. Even though everything pointed to him, he could not be prosecuted.

McCann’s case is still under investigation, but he faces a major hurdle, which stuns him completely: Portugal’s limitations make it difficult to prosecute crimes committed 15 years ago.

Therefore, the National Police will work around the clock throughout April to gather enough evidence to determine whether Bruckner is guilty.

Madeleine McCann case

In conversation with the media The sunSpencer Dohner, a lawyer with the MDM Legal Committee, made his point.

In addition, he cited rules in the Portuguese country: “If Madeleine dies, the 15th anniversary of her disappearance will be the cut-off point for prosecution. If they are found to be alive and have been the victim of sexual offenses, the judicial process may be initiated until his or her 23rd birthday as a minor.

Another of the key witnesses in this case is the German lawyer’s testimony, which has gained significant traction in the world due to the follow-up it has received. Christian Walters To place Glass In 2021:

“We are convinced that the man who kidnapped and killed her is with us. Now we can blame him. But it’s not just about blaming him, we want to do it with the best evidence possible. “

Circumstantial evidence

He added: “When we still have questions, it would be foolish to act instead of waiting for answers that could strengthen our position; This is circumstantial evidence, we have no scientific evidence. If we have a video of this act or a dead photo of Madeleine with the accused, we do not have to make a public appeal. But we have only circumstantial evidence.

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Having lived in the Alcarve area between 1995 and 2007, the allegations about Madeleine’s case have been a major target for Bruckner.

In addition, it was very close to the Priya da Lus area where the McCann family was on vacation.

She has no hope of survival

Finally, and with the sentence, the lawyer concluded: “I can not say on what basis we consider her dead. But we have no other chance. We have no hope that she will be alive.”

Bruckner has a long history of criminal activity. His first trial was in 1994, when he was convicted of a sexual offense.

He faces his first trial after abusing a child; Many years later, in 2016, he will be involved in a case of arrest with child pornography.

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