December 3, 2023

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An impressive discovery made in the depths of the Titanic and prehistoric jewelry

Last week an interesting discovery was made in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean: Amidst the remains of the Titanic, a necklace appeared that fans quickly connected with the iconic jewel worn by Rose Dawson in fiction.. After James Cameron’s blockbuster film, the story of the film “Heart of the Sea” It went all over the world and kept all the fans of the film waiting for years. Although its origins differed from those in fiction, the myth regained relevance.

A company called Magellan Ltd is undertaking the ship’s painstaking restoration In a 3D version, which would later be featured in a documentary in collaboration with Atlantic Productions. During research on the seabed, experts found this iconic jewel of pure gold in the sand. The remarkable thing is He carries with him a tooth as an ornament MegalodonA prehistoric species that disappeared millions of years ago and it adds a lot of value.

This is the necklace found on the Titanic: gold and with a megalodon tooth(Source: Magellan)

For those who love the Titanic and the stories behind it, this necklace has nothing to do with Heart of the Sea, which, in Cameron’s final scene, throws Rose into the depths of the ocean. Although its appearance is different, its economic value is incalculable, because at this time there is a fate in the boat between the United States and England. Forbids scientists from removing material found thereas well as components of the boat.

The scanning of the ocean liner began in 2022 and the main reason is to find out in detail what happened on April 15, 1912. With the advancement of technology, special machines have been developed throughout the years since last year. They took more than 700,000 picturesReported by the organization responsible for monitoring.

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In previous studies, investigators found remains of shoes, clothing, pictures and first-class utensils, most of which were in perfect condition. Meanwhile, this This is the first time that an asset is worth as much as a gold necklace It also has a prehistoric section.

This is what the ship looks like according to the 3D reconstruction(Source: Magellan Ltd.)

From Magellan they warned that thanks to artificial intelligence An attempt will be made to trace the descendants of the 2,200 people who sailed on the Titanic., to make some connection with the piece of jewelry and learn a little more about the history of the person who used it. In the words of Richard Parkinson, CEO of the company responsible for such a tour, it represents an event. “Amazing, beautiful and impressive”.

If this seems small, a serious analysis of the clothes and accessories of the passengers was started: in particular, the pictures of the moment before the boarding were examined, to find its owner. The work is not easy and promises to take several months. However, hope is the last thing to lose, Magellan said, adding that he should be able to get more data from the jewel in the coming weeks.