March 28, 2023

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Alex Chap’s luxury mansion for sale in Barranquilla

Alex Chap's luxury mansion for sale in Barranquilla
Archive of Carlos Cabella / El Timbo

Columbia’s Special Assets Company for sale Luxury mansion of Alex Chap in Barranquilla, Priced at more than 10,000 million pesos. Colombian media have reported that the modern property is expected to go on sale before June WRadius.

By 2020, when the ban was imposed, the value of the home was approximately 28,000 million pesos.

SAE President Andrés Alberto Ávila said Infobae had promised that they had already received a number of concessions and were examining the use of the land. But he did not explain why. Offered at a very low price Than estimated two years ago.

The mansion is located in the Riomar area of ​​La Arinosa. For that extravagant property Doubt about luck began Powered by Alex Chop, points out Infobe. Journalist Gerardo Reyes talked about this in his book Alex Chop: The truth about Entrepreneur who became a billionaire In the shadow of Nicolas Maduro. The businessman had already begun to build the mansion when he had already achieved many businesses in Venezuela.

Details of Alex Chapin’s mansion

In that field of rheomer, a avant-garde Design House With a 100 meter facade. Count with one 1,500 square meters areaApproximately, according to the description of the investment center on its website Time.

Saab, who has a history in the textile industry, tried to become a member of the Country Club in Barranquilla, but was denied membership, according to some versions. At the time, building a house next to Marymount College was seen as a prosperous response.

Other details provided by Cisa to those interested in purchasing the property include: “Separation of single functional unit and two lots of land-built houses, three-story, residential and currently unoccupied. It has a clay tennis court and two swimming pools.

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Stop being a sign of illegality

In addition to the assets owned by Chab, other assets seized by the company are being sold, and they add up to a total of over 200,000 million pesos.

The officer pointed out that the idea They are stopped as signs of drug trafficking or illegality. He said they hope to create an urban space for new works by removing assets from unfinished work, and that the process will be used at Pablo Escobar’s Hacienda Napoles or Carlos Leather’s hotel.

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