December 8, 2023

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A Venezuelan lost both his hands in a work accident in Peru

Johanna Bastidas Terán, a 40-year-old Venezuelan woman’s life changed seconds after losing both her arms in a work accident in Peru.

The tragedy occurred in a secret shoe factory located in Lima’s Los Olivos district, where Venezuelans worked 12 hours a month without a contract, insurance or safety equipment.

“I lost both my hands, right and left. I can’t fend for myself anymore, I can’t do anything, I can’t work. My life has completely changed,” Johanna told Peruvian news program ATV Noticias.

The woman, a mother of two teenagers and grandmother of four, was working normally when the machine malfunctioned.

With this in mind, he asked a colleague for help; However, he turned off the device and almost half an hour later they were unable to remove his hands, reports La República newspaper.

“They made me operate the machine without any training. I have not received any training to operate this machine. I put my hand in to pick up some templates and up went the machine. “When I felt the pressure, I called my partner, but he was too nervous because I was already bleeding and my bones felt like they were breaking,” she told ATV Noticias.

“My bosses took me to the hospital and they wanted to amputate my arm immediately, but my sister didn’t let it happen. At that time, the owner told her that they will do everything possible and he will help us,” said the victim from the clinic bed.

Ask for additional support from your employers

The surgeries have already been secured by the company’s owners, but Johanna, who earned 240 soles a week, is still facing prison days.

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After Venezuela lost 95% of his hands in a work accident, the victim’s husband and sister stopped working to support and care for him. With this in mind, Johanna asked for more support from merchants.

“The owners started paying for my operations and I’m already in five. But now I can’t leave the clinic because of the arrears. Also, I don’t think I’m ready for discharge because my hands are still bleeding. I can’t defend myself anymore,” said the mother of the family. said.

In that interview, Johanna revealed that the lawyer defending the company she worked for had “put a price” on her limb and limb considering Venezuela’s claim for civil damages or compensation.

When the company’s lawyer, Martha Leo, answered, Johanna said: “Do you know the price of the deceased in the lawyer’s office, madam?” One died, S/5,000. How much do you think a hand would cost? 2 thousand or 3 thousand soles, that’s why I say. That’s how it is here in Peru”.

The plant owners sued

The owners of Caprichos en Diseno Textil SAC, Edison Daniel Vilca Llano (32) and Pierina Celine Beltran Ramos (30), filed a complaint with the Ministry of Public Affairs and the National Labor Inspection Observatory (Sunafil).

On June 1, the factory was shut down as it did not have a license to operate or a civil defense certificate.

However, it was operating in secret.

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