June 3, 2023

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A TikTok trick that teaches you how to keep strawberries sweet

TikTok Trick Keep Sweet Strawberries Fresh

With the arrival of good weather, our eating habits change, choosing to consume lighter items such as salads or salads. fruit, especially if they are seasonal. And one of the most popular fruits is strawberry.

However, although they are truly delicious, the Strawberries They are a perishable food which often avoids buying them. But today we bring you a trick that will help you keep them longer. You can enjoy all its flavors.

TikTok trick to keep strawberries fresher for longer

The Strawberries They are a great tasting food and very versatile, we can take them alone, add some cream or make a cleansing shake that includes strawberries and other fruits. So they are One of the favorite fruits of many people.

Have fresh sweet strawberries on TikTok

However, they have one big problem, that is They break very easily. That’s why we don’t mind buying them many times or throw them away before consuming the purchase amount. But today we want to show you a trick It went viral on TikTok Exactly what it describes How to keep this fruit right for at least two weeks. Consider what you need to do.

Kitchen towels and a glass jar are all you need for your strawberries

As always, a regular user of the site explained what she was getting Strawberries are sweet long time. One that allows you to get more out of them and their flavor.

Also known as Maria @livingplanetfriendlyHe has explained that All you need is a glass jar and tea towels, two elements that are usually common in our home. The first step is to properly prepare the strawberries, which This includes washing them thoroughly to remove everything possible dirty They are stockpiled, so we make sure they are ready whenever we want to eat them.

@livingplanetfriendly New reply to @Klaudia #Strawberry Last two weeks in the fridge! #Food waste #Food #Food storage #echo #Less waste #ZeroWaste #Environment friendly ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

After this step, dry them with the help of kitchen cloth. The aim is to remove all remaining moisture from them, this is the reason why strawberries spoil over time. Finally, Maria introduces fresh and dried strawberries glass jar, Including some wipes or absorbent paper towels. The latter helps to control it again There is not much moisture inside the jar, as it accelerates the growth of microorganisms and can spoil the strawberries. It will be all.

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As you can see, that’s about it A very simple and effective trick that we can do in just a few minutes And this will help us get more benefits from this product. So, the next time you go to buy strawberries, do not forget to write it down and put it into practice, you will definitely notice the difference.