September 28, 2022

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A plane carrying 133 people has crashed in southern China

East China

A Chinese Eastern Boeing 737-800 with 133 people on board crashed Monday between Kunming and Guangzhou in China, state television CCTV reported.

The plane, MU5735, took off at 1:15 pm local time (5:15 am GMT) and crashed in the Guangxi area.

Rescue teams are trying to reach the scene and find the survivors, adding the Chinese government chain, according to which the accident caused a wildfire in Deng County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi.

The flight was expected to take one hour and forty minutes, in which the device, nearly seven years old, had to travel 1,357 kilometers separating Canton from Kunming.

According to data from the Air Traffic Surveillance Portal Flight Radar24The plane was flying at 29,100 feet (8,870 meters) at 2:19 pm (06:19 GMT) local time when it began landing 55 kilometers west of Wujo.

According to the aforementioned portal, the last point of the flight was 25 kilometers southwest of Wujo, at an altitude of 3,225 feet (989 meters), at 2:22 pm (06:22 GMT) local time. In just three minutes the instrument descended almost 8,000 meters.

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