February 5, 2023

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A man from Naikuta died trying to cross the Darien forest


Guira.- Vargas State’s coastal town of Naiguáta, the place to mark the party calendar, is this Tuesday, August 9. In the bakery, in the kiosks on the beach, in the supermarket, people talked about someone’s death in low voices and long faces. Niguatereno in the Darien ForestThe dangerous route between Colombia and Panama, through which Venezuelan immigration has chosen to reach other destinations.

Luis Andrés Riera Piñerua, 28 years old, a professional firefighter, graduated in the rank of that body in the capital district, died in the early hours of Saturday, August 6, when he collapsed while trying to cross a dangerous area.

The news came as a shock to the locals because “El Corduro Bartolo”, as many call Luis AndrésHe was an admired man in the city where he lived his childhood, youth and part of his adult life.

Riera Pinerua, a native of the Pueblo Arriba sector in the central city of Naiguáta, was able to inform his three other companions, teenagers he grew up with, and his relatives of his death.

Riera Piñerua moved to Peru in 2018. He returned to the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Once in Naiguada, he decided to try his luck with his childhood and youth friends From Colombia Y Cross the Darien Forest With America as the ultimate destination.

Rira Pinerua’s relatives explained over the phone Whistle Friends of Luis Andrés told them of the painful journey they had made, tricked by coyotes, suggesting a peaceful journey, not the horrors they faced.

In the same story, friends said that fatigue hit Luis Andres very hard. Saturday at 5:00 am Naiguatareño had a seizure He is too strong to recover.

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Friends though They don’t know the exact reasonIt is believed that he may have been bitten by a snake or a poisonous insect. His companions had to follow the road to get out Darien Forest And leave Rira Pinerua’s body at the base camp where she had a seizure.

Luis Andrés Riera Piñerua became the first Varguns to die in the Darién forest.

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