February 5, 2023

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A drug network created by the names Carlos Orenz and Frank with military and police officials of the Venezuelan regime.

Carlos Orens or Doornapool

alias Gabriel Martinez Franco Inside Venezuela It was “Frank”. He had a close relationship with them Carlos Eduardo Orens AsocarNow A prisoner in America After being Exiled from Italy. Alias ​​Frank spent years in prison in Italy for drug trafficking, so in January 2016, as he was about to leave Colombia for Peru, he was arrested by immigration officials at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport, but released a few hours later. According to public opinion News CaracolTv A year later he was killed in a coffee-growing town in that country.

When Gabriel Martinez was arrested by Migration Colombia in 2016
Gabriel Martinez was arrested in 2016 by Migration Colombia

Martínez is no stranger to Venezuela, on the contrary, he has led an active life in one of the most important drug trafficking routes, including the purchase of the Carrenero ranch. CuripeAiry sub-region of the state Miranda, via Carenero, access to the Caribbean Sea. “The hacienda was traditionally owned by some Portuguese, who had beautiful flower fields, but since they left, it’s gone, and the people who bought it removed it and left it for the export of cocaine to islands near Venezuela,” he says. Infobae asked not to identify the source.

Gabriel Martínez Franco from the hacienda said, “He was known here as Frank, but what he was doing was known because they were involved in the transportation of speedboats carrying packages of cocaine to people in the area.”

Another source revealed that Martínez Franco had a relationship with a high-ranking figure in the Bolivarian Revolution “But they had problems, the minister had influence, and they deported him. In the area where the farm no longer grows flowers, there are farms owned by other army and police officers.

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In the state Carabobo They also know Gabriel Martinez. Frank was arrested in Venezuela: he had a beautiful house in the luxurious Safari Carabobo urbanization. In addition, it had some sheds for paint production in Valencia. “Officers of the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigation Force (CICPC) realize that Frank is wanted for drug trafficking and extort money from him until he finally goes to Colombia, Carlos Eduardo Orense Azócar, who continues to work for him in Venezuela.”

Frank was a very powerful drug trafficker because he owned the Venezuela-Italy route. Colombians linked to drug trafficking have bought many farms and ranches in Venezuela and properties along the coast.

Curipe heads to the Caribbean Sea en route to Garniero
Curipe heads to the Caribbean Sea en route to Garniero

The deceased Martinez and Orens are in hiding in Italy. and was recently handed over to the United States, the hacienda passed into the hands of others dedicated to the drug trafficking business: it is now under the control of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Mexican New Generation cartel. “The Dantesque world of mafias and drug trafficking operating in Venezuela for years.”

Gabriel Martínez owns numerous properties in Venezuela, including farms, houses in Tucacas, Falcon State, a house in the Safari Carabobo Urbanization, where a relative of a Venezuelan minister now lives. And, of course, where the drug shipments to the Caribbean came from was brutal.

That’s how they killed him

On April 20, the newspaper published ColombianIn Medellin, The assailants on a motorcycle murdered Gabriel Martinez. Media reports say he is a businessman who has previously received threats from criminals in Pereira, a charming Colombian city that is part of the Coffee Triangle.

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According to authorities, around 9:30 a.m., Martinez Franco was driving a gray Mercedes GLA200. He met his death at the hands of two motorists while making their respective stops at a traffic light at Guayabal Avenue and 25th Street in front of the city zoo.

He was going to a barbecue on a white Pulsar NS motorcycle. He approached the driver’s window and fired a 7.65 caliber pistol with a silencer. Colombian He explains that the police patrol that immediately arrived at the scene “came to his aid and transferred him to a health center where his life could not be saved”.

General Oscar Gómez, commander of the Metropolitan Police, told the news website that Martinez “had investigations related to drug trafficking and money laundering.” When reviewing the database of the Colombian prosecutor’s office, “there is a file from 2008 on charges of money laundering.”

For now, however, the real estate agent seemed to have no outstanding debts in the Colombian justice system, as he lived in the El Poblato sector and quietly moved around the city. Colombian. But Snail newsfor its part, “In May 2007 the Italian government formally requested Colombia to extradite Martínez Franco, who, on January 16, 2007, was charged by the Ordinary Court of Milan with crimes related to drug trafficking, due to a summons for trial. In 2008 the Colombian government authorized Martínez’s extradition to Spain.

According to a statement given to the police by some of his relatives, criminals from Perera allegedly threatened him in the past, but the reasons were not disclosed.

Cadastral registration of the hacienda in 1964 within the agricultural zone
Cadastral registration of the hacienda in 1964 within the agricultural zone

“According to the document of the Supreme Court of Colombia, the events accused Martínez Franco took place between August 2000 and 2001, because they bought, received, detained, delivered and transferred in Madrid to illegally import to Italy. Put for sale and leave a lot of cocaine.

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According to the aforementioned document, the alias Frank “is associated with a person named Arosio and has agreed with the alias Franky to deliver 8 kg of product. Martínez himself traveled to Monza in Italy and made payments, some of which included land in Pereira, bank accounts in Medellin, and a shop on the second floor of a shopping center in Medellin, “he concludes by saying that the news snail . . .

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