July 18, 2024

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45 “Pamper Yourself” Products You’ll Really Put to Good Use

45 “Pamper Yourself” Products You’ll Really Put to Good Use

Note that the noise cancellation rate is 95% — ideal for keeping their ears away from traffic and children’s noise, if necessary, but not 100% like Apple version.

Check out A Tik Tok headphones At work.

Here’s what BuzzFeeder’s Maitland Quitmeyer had to say about these headphones: “I just bought these products after they first came out – I’ve been thinking about getting the AirPods Max, but I’m very concerned about how the headphones fit – I am sensitive to my ears getting hot after wearing some headphones for a long time. So instead of committing (or sooner) to the $500 version, I thought it would be a good idea to give this one a beta try. Turns out I love them so far! They are very comfortable and do not overheat my ears. The sound quality to my non-specialized ears is also excellent! The noise cancellation feature works for me, blocking out annoying street noise so I can fully immerse myself in my tunes.”

Promising review: “These headphones are surprisingly great. I was very impressed with their quality, given the price. They are easy to pair, come charged, and are very nice.” People have already asked me if they are AirPods Max. I also really like how you can pause/skip and adjust the volume on the headphones (which many headphones lack). Noise cancellation is very good. I can’t hear much when I play music. When there’s no music, it still cancels out a lot, but not everything, like most headphones. I wish they could turn up the volume a bit, but they still have great sound quality. 4.5/5″-Amazon customer

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Get it from Amazon for $65.99.