June 29, 2022

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3 controversial actions approved by El Salvador to fight the mob

Bukele Maras
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The government of Naib Bukele has intensified its offensive against gangs in El Salvador.

This Tuesday, Bukhel backed measures approved by the legislature-pro-government majority, with the aim of allowing the media and journalists to publish news from so-called Maras.

Controversial reforms include the graffiti ban on gangs and the confiscation and use of materials and weapons to combat them.

Buckell also threatened that the imprisoned gang members would starve if their groups began to “take revenge” on the streets for the exception rule announced after the escalation of the killings that already led to more than 80 deaths and 6,000 gang arrests. Members, according to the government.

“I do not care what international organizations say,” the president added during a graduation ceremony for a new police force.

Bukele Maras

“If they love these gang members so much let them come and take them. We give everything, two for one.

The President of Salvador has demanded the construction of a new maximum security prison for 20,000 prisoners, which will become the largest in the country.

Buckell did not specify where it would be built or when it would be ready.

Some sections of the Salvadorian opposition and various NGOs have criticized the president and believe his actions are exaggerated.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has also expressed concern over the government’s announcements.

Bukele Maras
Naib Bukele threatens to starve jailed gang members if street violence continues | Anatolic Agency

“We recognize the challenges posed by gang violence in El Salvador and the government’s commitment to guaranteeing security and justice. However, it is necessary to do this In accordance with international law Human rights, “said her spokeswoman Liz Throssell on Tuesday.

BBC Mundo details three controversial actions that were approved this Tuesday.

1. Restrictions on the media

The Legislature voted in favor of reforming the Penal Code Punish in any way Reproduction or transmission of messages “messages or communications appear or appear to have appeared”.

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The initiative, originally proposed by President Bukele – what the local media called “Kok La” – was approved by a vote of 63 members of Congress (out of 84 in parliament) without prior scrutiny or legislative debate.

“When The Germans wanted to eradicate NazismAll Nazi identities prohibited by law, as well as messages, amnesties and all aimed at promoting Nazism, “Buckel tweeted, defending the action.

“It simply came to our notice then. Now we will do it with gangs, ”he added.

Bukele Maras
The Salvadoran government will allow any media outlet sent by “alleged” gangs to start “news or communications” | Getty Images

Rodrigo Avila, a Congressman from the opposition Allianza Republican Nationalista (Arena) party, proposed that the Law and Constitutional Points Commission examine the initiative, but he did not get enough votes to meet his demand.

El Salvador Press Association (monkeys) He expressed his concern about this reform, which he described as “cock”.

“He threatens the media and journalists who report a reality that the current administration is trying to cover up in prison,” he said in a statement.

The association views the reforms as a “clear attempt at censorship”.

“Banning the press from reporting on the reality of thousands of people living in gang-controlled communities will have no effect on people’s lives, but rather Creating an illusion outside of reality“, He added.

“Not mentioning the gangs won’t let them go either.”

Failure to comply with this provision is punishable by imprisonment for ten to fifteen years.

2. Graffiti ban

Criminal law reform allows for the expansion and reproduction of propaganda, news, identities or graffiti representing gangs.

Bukele Maras
The new rule also penalizes those who create maps or graffiti to represent gangs | Getty Images

Establishes that in public and private buildings they are the makers, participants or executors of “texts, paintings, designs, drawings, graffiti and any other form of visual expression”. Explicit and implicit messages Gangs can be sentenced to ten to fifteen years in prison.

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Reform will specifically punish those who aim at regional control of gangs or those who intend to send threats to the people.

The move was welcomed by Guillermo Galegos, a member of the Great Alliance for National Unity (Ghana) affiliated with Bougainville.

“It closes another space for gangs to incite fear or terrorism and seek to gain control within communities through symbols,” he said.

But Tamara Tarasiuk, the US executive director of Human Rights Watch, described the recognition.Serious.

Bukele Maras
Getty Images

“The legislature has approved reforms that would make it a crime to even paint graffiti on gangs and publish information about them in the media if they cause concern,” Darasic said on Twitter.

?Buckell will decide on TwitterWho is going to imprison its legislature or its judges for up to 15 years? ” He added.

3. Reuse of materials and weapons

On Tuesday, another initiative by President Pukele was approved, authorizing the government to use the weapons, money and assets seized from the mobs to fight them.

Bukele Maras
The government wants to use the money and assets seized from gang members to fight the mob Getty Images

“In this way, we will occupy Their own resources Fight them, “said Bukhel on his Twitter account.

Under the reform, weapons, money, securities and assets seized from organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking structures in judicial custody could be “used by public security officials.”

Caleb Navarro, vice-president of the ruling party Nuvas Ideas, assured them that they had “given him precision”. Feet to finance and assets Of gangs. “

“They used the extortion money to carry weapons and vehicles to commit ongoing crimes,” he added.

Under the new law, assets will be transferred to the National Asset Management Council (GONAP), which will issue utility agreements at the request of the Ministry of Justice and Defense or the Ministry of Defense.

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It also aims to create a special fund on seized money, known as the Special Act for the removal and use of property, money, securities and assets seized from organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking structures. Up to Konap.

“With The same money that caused grief among the peopleThey must answer for justice with the same amount of money, ”said Alexia Rivas, another deputy to Pukele’s party, News Ideas.

The lawmaker explained that $ 3.5 million was seized from gangs in 2019 alone and $ 10 million in 2020 as a result of extortion from carriers.

Getty Images

Exception status

The controversial measures were approved after the Salvador legislature voted last week in favor of reforming the criminal law and an administrative initiative to toughen penalties against gang members.

Savior Is under emergency After more than 80 murders were reported over the weekend since March 27, the legislature ordered it, following Buhley’s request.

Implemented in principle for one month – although they may be extended – including suspension of association’s liberty, right of defense and restraint of correspondence.

The ban on telecommunications intervention without judicial approval was lifted and the period of administrative custody was extended to 15 days, during normal hours it was 72 hours.

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