Zumtobel Partners with James Turrell for Exhibition at Frieder Burda Museum

Zumtobel partnered with American light artist James Turrell for his “The Substance of Light” exhibition from June 9th until October 28, 2018, at the Frieder Burda Museum in the German city of Baden-Baden.

The museum will unveil its most elaborate installation ever with the opening of a new exhibition from the famous light artist James Turrell, whom some have called a “light poet.” The project represented a significant challenge for Turrell and the light specialists from Zumtobel that were on hand to support him and the renowned art museum with their expertise. The museum will hold the exhibition in the Richard Meier building.

The medium of light appears to take on a tangible form in various parts of the exhibition, creating gentle oceans of light, transparent and geometric light objects, and diffuse celestial light fog. The light showcase encourages observers to rediscover and reflect upon their own powers of perception.

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Frieder Burda Devoted Exhibition to James Turrell

Now, art collector Frieder Burda has devoted an exhibition to the light poet in his museum in Baden-Baden. The exhibit will show off Turrell’s best-known works of the last few decades alongside older, previously unseen pieces, along with the light sculpture Accretion Disk, which Turrell specially crafted for the Frieder Burda Collection.

This project from the Curved Wide Glass series was installed in the building designed by renowned New York architecture firm Richard Meier & Partners Architects.

James Turrell - "Curved wide Glass" -- photo by  Florian-Holzherr

James Turrell – “Curved wide Glass” — photo by Florian-Holzherr

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the enormous Apani large-scale light space that created quite a stir at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

James Turrell -- "Apani"-- photo by Florian-Holzherr

James Turrell — “Apani”– photo by Florian-Holzherr

The related architectural elements and their alterations, as well as the construction of the installation, represented the most complex challenge in the 14-year history of the museum.

New Publication to Honor the Works of James Turrell

A new publication will accompany the exhibition. The new publication, “The Art of Lighting” will honor the works of James Turrell.

The cooperation with James Turrell represents the latest in a long line of joint projects with Zumtobel, including Turrell’s light installations for the Skyspace at the Kunsthalle Bremen gallery in 2010, the “Apani” full-field artwork in 2011 and “Bridget’s Bardo”, the largest ever full-field project for the Museum of Art in Wolfsburg in 2009.

Zumtobel to Also Collaborate with James Turrell on “Skyspace in Lech”

Zumtobel indicated that the company’s next collaboration with James Turrell will be the “Skyspace in Lech” – an underground light space in the middle of the alpine landscape of Vorarlberg, the home county of Zumtobel. According to Zumtobel, Skyspace in Lech is set to offer a completely new view of the sky. The building and opening of the Skyspace in Lech is scheduled for September 2018.