Zumtobel Group Services Offers “Lighting As a Service” for Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt

Since October 2016, Zumtobel Group has been offering LED lighting as a service. Zumtobel calls this lighting solution service contract NOW. The NOW service lets companies benefit from LED lighting control, monitoring, and maintenance without the upfront investment.The Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) NOW lighting contract offers comprehensive services including the project design and lighting renovation as well as regular maintenance.

Zumtobel Group Services reported that in cooperation with Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG, it fitted a new lighting solution for Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (AGN). The company installed the LED lighting with a control and monitoring capability.

Through a six-year contract, Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (AGN) will pay a fixed monthly rate for the LED lighting solution that includes the company monitoring the lighting usage.  The service contract guarantees the best light quality over six years. AGN will profit from the ZGS “lighting as a service”. The NOW service contract covers all lighting system issues for a fixed monthly rate.

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AGN facility benefits from LED lighting from Zumtobel Group Services

AGN facility benefits from LED lighting from Zumtobel Group Services

Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (AGN) Chose NOW Contract with Zumtobel Group Services

Aluminium GmbH Nachrodt (AGN) has invested in the new NOW light contract model offered by Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG and Zumtobel Group Services to get the benefits and energy savings of LED lighting without making the upfront investment usually required.

Located near Dortmund/Germany, the producer and supplier of aluminium extrusion billets wanted to equip eight production halls with new lighting. Instead of investing in the one-time installation of new luminaires, AGN Nachrodt GmbH gave the responsibility for the entire lighting project to the cooperation partners. So, ZGS supervised, from surveying through to project design, de-installing the old luminaires and installing the new ones. The NOW contract even includes the annual maintenance work to check the lighting levels and, if necessary, optimize the system in operation. All of these services are for a fixed monthly rate over a six-year period.

Zumtobel Group Services Lighting Used

The eight production halls, including the AGN cast house now utilize just under 300 TECTON continuous-row luminaires, CRAFT LED high-bay luminaires, and the SCUBA LED moisture-proof luminaires. One of the stipulations of the NOW service contract guarantees AGN reliable illuminance between 200 and 400 lux depending on the requirements of the production site. According to Zumtobel Group Services, the new high-bay lighting achieves an annual energy savings of 40 percent compared to the previous year while doubling the luminous intensity.

AGN production facility utilizes LED lighting from Zumtobel Group Services

AGN production facility utilizes LED lighting from Zumtobel Group Services

Also, Zumtobel Group Services renovated the emergency lighting system with the central eBox supply system and the corresponding emergency and escape-sign luminaires which work for any emergency situation. ZGS says that the modern LED lighting solution, including emergency lighting and lighting controls, provide more comfort for employees at Aluminium GmbH in Nachrodt.

Frank Hildebrandt, plant manager at AGN, is very satisfied with the solution. Hildebrandt stated, “The modern lighting is a real additional benefit for our staff. The high lighting level provides more comfort at work and therefore much more safety. At the same time, we benefit from great energy savings. For us, NOW is an asset every day. And we know our lighting is in good hands.”