Xicato’s XIM Gen 4 Module Brings Full Control and Monitoring to Module Level

Xicato XIM Gen 4 module with built in control an monitoring capabilities

Xicato of San Jose, California USA, has launched the fourth generation of the Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM). XIM Gen 4 integrates the company’s consistent and reliable LED light source and deep-dimming driver with Bluetooth wireless communication. Xicato says that the XIM Gen 4’s tight coupling of control, driver, and LED enables performance that would not be possible with separate components.

The XIM Gen4 is a drop-in upgrade to existing XIM designs, and it maintains compatibility with the broad array of heat sinks, adapters, and optics that are already available with the XTM and previous XIM generations.The company says that this compatibility makes the module easy to design a fixture around.

Luxeon High Power

The controls and technology in the XIM go far beyond just dimming. XIM Gen 4 has a fully functional control system embedded in each module. In fact, the module has an ARM Cortex M0 32 bit 48Mhz embedded microprocessor along with 256K Non-volatile memory. The embedded system contains security keys, groups, scene and control behaviors, and more. The system can provide 16 Groups and 16 Scenes per XIM module.

XIM also offers monitoring capabilities. The system proactively reports its current operating status, and stores histogram data of intensity settings and temperature.Uniquely, the system can also be set to transmit Bluetooth beacons to enable third-party apps and websites to deliver location-based information services. The beacon feature employs the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless protocol that does not require the pairing, which conventional Bluetooth signals require. Most recently produced smartphones can already use this technology.

Xicato has also developed Windows and iOS software that it contends makes configuration control and management incredibly easy for both large and small lighting environments.

While many LED modules and luminaires claim 50,000 hour lifetimes, how would you know how long you have used the module or light? The XIM Gen4 can log usage hours and can show users how often the light has been turned off and on over time. So, users can know how much life an LED module has left. The usage tracking feature is how the XIM Gen4 supports Xicato’s verifiable, 7-year, 50,000-hour warranty.

The system can also measure intensity, operating temperature, power consumption, and input voltage in real time, giving a snapshot of how the module is performing at the moment. The embedded smart system features AES-128 encryption.

The Xicato XIM Gen4 is available today.